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Is it really only Wednesday? :P

Today's question: Who do you think is a really great short story writer?
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I'm lying in bed thinking, instead of sleeping. Grr. And I got to wondering. So since it also happens to be Wednesday, maybe you all can stop me from wondering. :)

Do online publications, such as e-magazines, generally allow robots to crawl their site and index and cache their stories?
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If you were Mrs. Claus, what would you spend most of your time doing up at the North Pole?
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What's your favorite fictional book? That is, a book that only exists in a work of fiction.

Or, if you prefer..

What fictional book would you just love to read?

I was going to say The Neverending Story, but on second thought, I think I want So You Want to be a Wizard.
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Microsoft has a series of commercials to counteract the awesome Apple commercials, and they invite people to post their own videos saying 'I'm a PC and I (something completely random that is somehow supposed to prove that Vista is awesome).'

I'm too lazy to make a video, and the one that popped into my head isn't actually true. At least at the moment. I do have my eye on the new Dell minis.

So, anyway, here's mine. Do you have one?

"I'm a PC and I use Linux."
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What's your favorite Halloween candy?
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What's the last book you read that you would give at least 4 out of 5 stars to?
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Look, it's Wednesday! And I've thought of a question.

There are a lot of books I want to read, but there are actually more books out there that I have no interest in at all. And yet, if they were the only book around, I'm sure I'd read them.

But then I got to wondering, is there a book, where if it was the last book on Earth, I still wouldn't read it?

I'm not sure... how about you?

We'll assume for the duration of the hypothetical that the last book on Earth is in a language you can read. (Though I'm sure I'd at least try to read a book in any language, I'm equally sure it would be an epic fail if the book were in, say, Hindi.)
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The teen section at the library is obsessed with vampires. Not that I'm immune; in the last year or so, I've read and watched so many vampire stories that I feel anemic just thinking about it. Running under the assumption that this vampire craze will fade away or burn out in the relatively near future, here's my question for you.

What do you think the hot new theme will be? Either in sf/f, YA in particular, or across all genres?
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Since I'm currently finishing up Breaking Dawn (by Stephenie Meyer, in case you're over the age of 20 and out of the loop), here's a related question for you.

Who's your favorite vampire?

I think for me it's a tie between Henry Fitzroy and Spike.
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Amazon recommendations are fun. I usually discover books I wouldn't have otherwise. Though sometimes it suggests books that were already on my mental to-read list, and other times it gets on a streak of Star Trek books and I have to click 'not interested', 'not interested'. But there's even a satisfaction in that, when the book in question or the author in question is one I don't like. It's like registering a vote against it.

Here's your question, what book that has yet to be released are you looking forward to?
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What's your favorite part of the Olympics?

For me, I think I'd have to say the Opening Ceremonies, and the bits about the host country.
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What's your favorite word?
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You probably won't answer this on Wednesday, but hey, at least I asked it on Wednesday.

Criss Angel just walked on top of a lake. How do you think he did it?
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You're stranded with Gilligan and the gang on an island. That's right, they left you clean out of the song. This question has two parts.

First, what would you call the island? Why should Gilligan get all the fame after all.

Second, how would you get yourself off the island? (Getting the other 7 off is entirely optional.)

Most brilliant answer will be featured in an lj post next week.

Update: If the promise of future fame was discouraging you from commenting, then I rescind the offer. :)
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Not a question per se...

Invent a subgenre of science fiction or fantasy. Give it a name and include a brief description of it. Here's one to get y'all started.


Any story that features pickles. They may be characters, objects, the crux of the plot, or even the setting. Most picklepunk stories are about pickled cucumbers, but other foodstuffs have appeared in picklepunk stories, such as pickled ginger, pickled eggs, etc. There is some debate in the picklepunk community whether pickling animals or humans really fits into the spirit of the genre.
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What does hard science fiction mean to you?
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I haven't completely forgotten about open question Wednesdays! Just, mostly forgot. And kept remembering on non-Wednesdays. Note that you don't have to answer this on Wednesday, obviously. :)

What's one of your favorite books about writing?
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In science fiction and/or fantasy books, what food or drink do characters consume way too much of?


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