May. 22nd, 2013

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* Finish my project for school that's due tomorrow. :} Half my grade!! Grr.
I did it. 47. That's a 97. That's an A. I hope. Official grade not posted yet.

* Book a shuttle to the airport.
Done. Have to walk across the street to the hotel or spend 43$ extra dollars both ways!!

* Charge up my camera's batteries and make sure there's an empty card in.

* Read.. what do I need to read? Stuff! I should really read the Jemisin duology for a start.
Um. Yea. Meant to read Heart of Thomas. Didn't even search for it. Started The Killing Moon. Should I bring the sequel on the plane? Too much? They're pretty big books.

* Watch Iron Man 3, or I'm going to be spoiled rotten. Facebook and LJ have already blown up!
Saw Iron Man 3 and the Doctor Who finale. Behind on Game of Thrones. Have not seen Star Trek. And everyone's talking about Star Trek. Grr.

* Watch and/or read some queer anime/manga for my panel?
See Heart of Thomas above. Yea.. not so much.

* Do some Fake Geek Girl research?
Um... yea, didn't do that.

* Eventually... pack.
Still not started.

* Print out travel info, particularly the bus from Midway.
Did that anyway. Yay.

Also, did not get the print version of the trivia book even started. Well, slightly started, but yea.

Also, do not know yet what I'm reading at the OA reading and thus do not have a printout of said non-existent thing. I could ask trivia questions from my book that are quiltbag or Wiscon-related? I have a copy on my ereader, so that might sort of work.

I fly tomorrow! Won't make it in time for the reception, unless I came straight from the union with all of my stuff.


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