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I just finished watching S2E3 of Sherlock. Wah. Now I have to wait for more Sherlock!
And I have to wait a superlong time for more Doctor Who. Grr.

Spent the first week of January in Florida with my family. We did 1 day Magic Kingdom, 2 days SeaWorld, 3 days Universal. They did Legoland while I chilled in the room (well, actually they did the chilling, since it was really cold that day! Ha!). Of course we did Harry Potter. Very crowded! And that was in the off season!

If you want to do Harry Potter, I have one of two suggestions for you:
1) Stay at a Universal hotel. You'll get in early.
2) Go to the Harry Potter con in July. You'll get in exclusively! With a bunch of Harry Potter geeks!

If you can't swing either of those, then plan to do 3-4 days at Universal and hit the park the moment you can get in and go straight to Harry Potter. Do that each day for as long as you can stand the crowd, then go do something else.

The Three Broomsticks does not have good (any) vegetarian options, so be prepared to eat potatoes, corn and salad if you eat there. After you've had the experience, you can go next door to get a Jurassic veggie burger. Though SeaWorld's veggie burgers were better, I think.

Seaworld surprised me by the quality of the shows. A lot of stuff was closed because January is apparently the time to renovate things. But they still had five shows and they were very theatrical and well-done. You don't think you need 2 days for Seaworld, but since day 2 is free, it's worth it. The Manta coaster was a big hit with those who rode it.

The Magic Kingdom had the light parade, which they hadn't had the last 2-3 times I went, I don't think. So it was nice to see that.

My library science classes start again next week. I'm trying 2 this semester, since first semester seemed kind of easy. I may come to regret that. But this will get the mandatory classes out of the way and I'll be free to pick fun electives after that. Rumor is they'll offer Chinese in the Fall. Which is totally tangential, but I'm so easily suckered into a language class. And we do have Chinese books in our library! I was book selector for them for awhile.

I'm behind on Triple Take reviews. Link to Triple Take right here. I need to do October's, November's, December's, the special Little House project, and a very very very late Turing book. Next up on our Nebula Project is The Dispossessed. I borrowed two copies of that so long ago that I no longer know where one of them is. I read this one at least twice in college for classes, but I don't remember it much. After that is a bunch of novels I know nothing about. Yay!

I should do some Wiscon reading, now that it's only 4 months away. Eep!

Considering going to Boskone. I was considering going to Arisia, but it was right after I got back from Florida and that really would've been a little crazy of me. But it did look like fun!

I've blown through almost all my vacation time now though, so I need to make sure I'm saving time for Wiscon. Once July hits, I get more floating holidays and personal days in a lump, so I'm less concerned after that.

That's probably enough rambling for now. Just thought my LJ deserved an update of some sort.
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I tend to post interesting links to Facebook. But they can get lost. And not all of you who read me here are friends with me on Facebook, if you're on Facebook at all.

So here's some links!

Two Photos Taken at First and Last Shuttle Launch

Cool Photo of Last Shuttle Launch

Dogs and Smurfs - Girl as Character Trait

Snape as Female Hero

Harry Potter Maize Maze

Facts about Harry Potter props (Radcliffe is hard on glasses and wands!)

Shyness as Evolutionary Tactic

I guess that'll do for now.
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My parents took me to see the sixth Harry Potter movie today for my birthday. And Mom mostly managed to stay awake for it! (Was followed by some shopping and Mexican food, for the record.)

Some great previews. Where the Wild Things Are, 2012, Sherlock Holmes. Man, that Sherlock Holmes looked fun! And 2012, destruction!

And the rest is spoilers.

Harry Potter 6 Spoilers )

And that's all she wrote. Beware potential spoilers in the comments thread as well.


Jul. 21st, 2007 01:37 am
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My birthday was the other day and Shweta and others did a cute chalk dinosaur for Drew and I. Correct me if I get this wrong, guys, but I think he was being called Stegosaurus Rex, because he had a birthday crown on.

I have pictures. And I totally need to empty my camera before the party tomorrow.

Everyone gave me a card with a froggy dragon, or winged frog, on it. And a gift certificate to Mysterious Galaxy. Thanks, everyone!

It's kind of weird how many people seem to be having birthdays.

A bunch of us went to Mysterious Galaxy for the Harry Potter Midnight Party. Apparently we were too late for the goody bags. :( But they had free snack food. They were doing trivia games I didn't manage to get in on and a costume contest. And the stupid Sorting Hat said I was a Gryffindor. IT LIES! After midnight, it took about an hour to get the book. It may have been the longest wait I've had getting a Harry Potter book, but it's okay when you've got people to talk to in line. I have some pictures of this too, but I don't know if any of them came out very well.

Oh yes, I knew there was one more goody that had slipped my sleepy mind. Jeff and Ann gave us all the totally coolest present today. I wish I'd brought my camera to dinner.

I have way too many things to read!!!!

It almost seems unkind to everyone here to go read something someone else wrote, but if I don't read Harry Potter 7, I'm going to get spoiled. I live in fear of it.

To sum up: Thanks, Cory! Thanks, Jeff! Thanks, Ann! Thanks, fellow classmates!

By the way, we're all still totally awesome.

Going to read now!
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I've somehow frittered away most of the day without being very productive at all.

A bunch of us went to see Harry Potter. The movie was better than the book and only 2 things bugged me. One a holdover from the previous movie. And a bit at the end just made me believe my own theory about book 7 more.

It's been a good food day in the cafeteria. There were vegetarian ribs for lunch. I would've eaten more of them, but I was reasonably certain they were high in sodium. They gave me two (two blocks of four) when normally I'd only eat one. I ate 1.5. Dinner was Mexican and after telling them I wouldn't ask if the refried beans were vegetarian or not, so I could live in ignorance as I ate them anyway, I was informed I could eat them with a clear conscience. And I keep going back for more of the fresh cherries. They're like crack. Only good for you!

Now if I could stop going back for cookies and cake, I'd be moving a step in the right direction.

Seriously, it's not all about food. Most of it is about reading, reading, reading, and more reading.


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