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This was my first Boskone. Also, since I've never attended an Arisia, it was my first time in this con hotel as well. I was waffling all over the place, so I missed the room block at the con hotel. I called to see the price of a non-block room and it was $260. Yea.. no. So I stayed at the Marriott Renaissance a block or so away. Both hotels only had free wifi in the lobby, so no on-the-spot con reports.

I got a ride down with two fellow NH Broads *waves*. Thank you! I'd been prepared to take the bus, but this was faster, involved less schlepping, and more conversation.

I'd intended to attend the discussion group on Harrassment in fandom, but was too new to the con to actually find it before it was half over with. And at that point, I didn't want to interrupt. See, what threw me was that there's this huuuuuge room with eeeeeverything in it! That the dealer's room and artshow should share the same space made sense to me. That it was also the consuite, and a gaming space, and demo space, and discussion group and kaffeeklatsch space.. wow, that's a lot. I did eventually start to appreciate how it brought everyone together in interesting ways, but it does have its downsides.

The freebie table was packed! Overflowing with old sf/f magazines mostly. I did snag a Cecilia Tan antho (to say which would make me blush more than just saying 'Cecilia Tan antho') and I did see some Arietty posters that tempted. I was trying to travel light though and thought they'd get smushed.

I'd been expecting a Dunkin Donuts and CVS every five feet, but there were neither! Well, my phone insisted there was a DD, but it was down on a pier and I didn't see any signs, and there was a gate across the road.. so I gave up that search. Later, I found the con restaurant guide which guided me to the Italian deli/market right near my hotel! Yay! I'm doing this out of order, but.. there were 3 Starbuckses between the two hotels and the only other building you pass between them! And did you know they sell bagels, but they don't toast them?!

At the Italian deli/market thing, I got a cheese sub for a very reasonable price of I think $3.50 and some potato salad. It was not good potato salad. It was giant chunks of potato and a little bit of mayo and other stuff. Seriously, it was like eating a bunch of red bliss potatoes, without butter or salt. The sub was good though. They also do breakfast, so if I go to Arisia or Boskone next year, I'll be going there again.

Consuite food was interesting/different. Nobody is beating Wiscon's consuite in my mind, not with the popcorn and the veggie hot dogs. But they did have a constant supply of interesting breads and there was fruit. The thing I most appreciated were the hard-boiled eggs. It's a good dose of vegetarian protein. And portable!

The artshow was very impressive to me, who knows very little about art. I saw some artists I recognized from Wiscon. Mostly it was the sheer _amount_ of art, almost all of it really good and also coooool. One of these days I'll have a place with a lot of wall space and need to buy some of this cool art I keep seeing. Dragons! Space! They also had displays up of authors/artists who'd passed away in the last year, and those were nice.

The only thing I bought in the dealer's room was _Machine_ by Jennifer Pelland, from the Broad Universe table. Got it signed! And got two other awesome Broads to sign my copy of UnCONvential (which you should totally buy/read). I was trying to travel light, as I said, so I didn't browse the dealer's room much beyond one wander around. Didn't want to be tempted!

I guess I'll do the panel reports, such as they might be, in another post. And at another time, when I have my notes in fr... actually, it just occurred to me I do have the schedule (on my phone) and the notes in a notebook right in front of me. Well, later in any case!

But a final shoutout to that phone app! Awesome! I think the app itself is Guidebook, so other cons, you should definitely use that!! They released an update on Friday that wiped out my schedule and screwed up the descriptions so they didn't match the panels, but they eventually fixed it. I was worried about installing the further updates, because I thought it might wipe out my schedule each time. Learning curves. But srsly, I want this for Wiscon!
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Okay, so I don't really have a Readercon schedule. Because I'm not special enough to be on programming. I might be in the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading, whenever that is. But I said I'd be more than willing to yield my time to someone who has a project/book/whatever they want to promote. Especially as I have no clue what I'd read... The "My Wiscon" I read at the Wiscon RFR would not be as appropriate at Readercon. Plus, a lot of people who will be there already heard me read it.

So, yea, I'll be at Readercon. Current plans are to arrive Thursday night and leave sometime Sunday. You might find me hanging out with other Broads. Or any Clarion classmates who show up. Or just wandering about on my own, bemoaning the fact that it's not Wiscon. ;) If I'm lucky, I'll score a trip to Cheesecake Factory or the Thai place. Aw, who'm I kidding? Thai place is way better than Cheesecake Factory.
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I'm not going to Arisia. One of these years..

But lots of awesome people are. In particular, Broad Universe. Check out the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading, where a bunch of writers read from their work in short bursts. It's like a sampler. They might be short pieces, they might be short excerpts from longer works. They might be funny. They might be sweet. They might have vampires. Or demonic unicorns. You never know!

Several Broad Universe writers will also have their own individual readings.

And be sure to visit the Broad Universe Dealer's Room. Buy some books. Find out what Broad Universe is all about.

Broad Universe Website

Not going to Arisia? Look for a Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading at a con near you!
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Cribbed from [livejournal.com profile] jenwrites.

Mary Shelley Birthday Presentation/Reading

Join the members of Broad Universe as they celebrate the birthday of their patroness, Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. The party will feature an introduction to Shelley's life and works, including a discussion of her most famous work, Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, and the members of Broad Universe will also do brief readings from their own works and serve Frankenstein-inspired refreshments.

Saturday, August 29th,
10:00 - noon at the Nashua Public Library
2:00 - 4:00 at the Toadstool Bookshop in Milford, NH

Sunday, August 30th
noon - 2:00 at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, MA
4:00 - 6:00 at Back Pages Books in Waltham, MA

Authors include:

Jennifer Pelland
Morven Westfield
Elaine Isaak
Julie Andrews
Trisha J. Wooldridge
Phoebe Wray

(Not all writers will appear at all events.)

Thursday's event is reported to have gone over well. So don't miss out!
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Someone on the Broad Universe mailing list (which you can read without becoming a member, but not post to, btw) twigged me onto Tweet the Meat and other tweet-paying markets. Tweet the Meat has the best contract from what I've seen. They only ask for first digital rights. How they define 'digital', I have no idea. But in any case, should I decide it makes a great Tshirt, or I want to make a collection of my best tweets ever at some future date, I can go right ahead and do that.

My tweet goes out tonight, so join Twitter (or not, but you really should join Twitter), and start following @tweetthemeat.

And, I suppose you can follow me too, if you're so inclined. I'm @JulieMAwesome.
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Just to let you know a few things:

1. Clarion and Clarion West's application deadlines for this year's workshop are both March 1st. It's not too late to apply! Write a story, finish a story, edit a story, and send it in.

2. Broad Universe, a writing organization by and for women sf/f writers to promote their work, is offering a membership special. Starting March 1st, you can buy a 1-year membership and not have it expire until Wiscon 34. (That's May 2010, for those not in the know.)

3. While I'm at it, one more plug for Wiscon. Go sign up for panels! If you haven't registered yet, do so quickly. There's a cap of 1000 and I wouldn't be surprised if they meet that cap next month. Con hotel is full, but the overflow hotel still has room, AFAIK.

4. Oh yes, TODAY ONLY, Sellout.Woot has an Eee PC netbook for 160$! Yes, you can get better Eee PCs now, but it'll cost you at least twice that. So it's a good deal if you want a netbook but are low on the money thing.


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