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This is about Torchwood: Children of Earth. For those waiting to watch on BBCA, don't read this until you've watched it. For those waiting even longer, like hoping for PBS or SciFi or something, or even waiting for the DVD, well, whatever, read or not. You take your own risks waiting that long! :)

Spoilers for Torchwood: Children of Earth )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] swanjun, I just found out there's a 1 minute trailer up for the new Torchwood 'series'. (It's really more like a miniseries, or a really long episode this year.)

US viewers can see it on BBC America's website. I assume UK viewers know they can view it on the BBC's website. Other countries, you'll have to see which site works for you. (Or find a torrent.)

My thoughts behind the cut.

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The best science fiction show on television right now is not Doctor Who.

For all its ups and downs and one absolute clunker of an episode this season, it's Torchwood.
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Here's the list of 2008 Hugo Nominees. Some good names, of course. The "Best Related Book" category looks like it has some interesting reads in it. I haven't read anything on the entire list, I don't believe.

So, due to my illiteracy, the list that stood out the most to me was "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form"; like all the other rabid fanbeings. "Blink" is an absolutely awesome Dr. Who episode and I wouldn't be surprised if it won. But it's up against another Dr. Who episode and a Torchwood episode. The really awesome thing though is that there's a Star Trek: New Voyages episode nominated. (Which is apparently now called Star Trek: Phase II. Oookay.)

I think I only watched one episode, though I may have watched two. I haven't been to that website in a long time. Catching up will be something to do on a rainy weekend.


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