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Things I want to read before Wiscon:

Carmen Dog, by Carol Emshwiller
Steam-powered, edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft
The Secret Feminist Cabal, by Helen Merrick
Who Fears Death, by Nnedi Okorafor (I asked for this on librarything and 'won' an arc, but I never received it. So I don't think I own it yet...)
Half-Life, by Shelley Jackson
"Eros, Philia, Agape", by Rachel Swirsky

Man, that's a lot of reading, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. I requested at least 2 of the Tiptree honor/long list books through ILL. They should come in this week.

On top of that, I need to read the following for Triple Take before Wiscon:
Turing book, Science of Doctor Who, A Spy in the House, Flowers for Algernon, The Einstein Intersection, and I am J.

I should also make a list of books to buy at Wiscon, so I don't end up buying books I already have and just haven't read yet. Or I could just buy books I haven't even heard of until Wiscon. That might be safer.

It'll be my first time doing Wiscon with a smartphone. I can have lists in my pocket! Er.. wait, I could always have lists in my pocket, couldn't I? Well, um.. yea.

If there's something else I should read before Wiscon, or buy at Wiscon, let me know in the comments!
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I read 164 books in 2010, which is 3 more than I've ever read in a year, and double my average since I started keeping track. And while there were kid's books and manga in there, it wasn't disproportionate compared to some other years.

Best books I read in 2010. I was going to list all the ones I gave 5 star reviews to on Goodreads, but apparently I was generous. Consider this list the 5+s. In order of awesomeness:

A Brother's Price by Wen Spencer
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman
Singing the Dogstar Blues by Alison Goodman
Oooku: The Inner Chambers by Yoshinaga Fumi
Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath

The other 5s were: the final volume of Afterschool Nightmare (you really have to read to the end), a couple of Jeeves/Wooster collections, and also a book on ASL for kids called A Show of Hands.

And I sort of think it's not a coincidence that the books I really loved were somewhere on a Tiptree list. So that is spurring me to read more, as is the fact that a number of the authors should be at Wiscon this year.

Here's a link to my goodreads account, if you're curious. I have not reviewed every book in 2010, but most of them.
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Have you read the latest eCube?

If you were waffling about attending Wiscon this year, you might want to check that out. Because the Tiptree Award is inviting all past winners to come. And, y'know what, that could very easily generate a climate of AWE-some!
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Today's the last day to vote for the Locus Awards. You don't have to be a subscriber or a professional or anything. I haven't voted myself, as I think I've only read one or two of the pieces on any of the lists. I don't know the um.. 'rules' of voting. Do people vote for things because they read them and liked them, even if they hadn't read the others in the category? Do people vote for authors even if they haven't read that particular story? Is it okay to vote for only one category and not fill in the rest of the ballot?

In other award news, the Tiptree Award winner and honors list was posted to the Wiscon lj community.

Notably on the list is Interfictions, edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss.

Lots of things to add to my to-read list!

For the curious, here's a link to the James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award page.


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