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MacMillan? McMillan? Something Scottish anyway.

So when I first heard about this, I thought Amazon had only pulled the Macmillan e-books. And as I don't buy e-books, it was more interesting as an intellectual 'hmm, let's see how this plays out' exercise. But then I found out it was all books, even the traditional, papery kind. At about the same time that I learned Tor is part of MacMillan.

So my next thought was.. isn't N. K. Jemisin's book with Tor? Does that mean they've canceled my pre-order? And if they haven't, should I, as a form of 'hey, Amazon, you got yourself into this, here's where it leads' semi-protest, and place the order with B&N.com, for which I have a gift card anyhow.

But it turns out The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is an Orbit book. So it's still listed in my open orders. With a shipping estimate of March 1st? What the frell, Amazon?

So, anywho, for the brief timespan where I thought Amazon was screwing over the release of the first book of an author I know, it hit a little closer to home than an intellectual exercise. Just because it's not affecting this book, doesn't mean it's not affecting release of first books by other authors trying to get a career off the ground.

So who gets screwed in the end? Not Amazon, who has a right to not work with a publisher if they want, really. Not MacMillan, who has a right to set the prices for their own books, truly. But the authors get screwed. And the readers get screwed.

And Amazon starts looking even more like Walmart, who I try very, very hard not to shop with, but every year or so, get sucked into the store and hypnotized into buying by the low-low prices.

And Amazon, it's a dickish move to do this with no warning, on a Friday.

Or is this a 'glitch' like the last time you did this?
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So I just noticed, when again it gave me the bestbuy ad, that it says 'your free content will be available in 00:25'.

My free content?

Provided by you, best buy? Provided by you, livejournal?

No. Provided by, in this instance, a friend of mine.

Provided by, in the earlier instance, MYSELF.

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So I was all casually opening up my livejournal in an Opera tab, ready to check for comments on my previous entries and maybe go check out my peeps in my flist.

And Opera's being a little slow. But I think nothing more than 'stupid internet connection', because, well, we have a really lame internet connection.

I flip away for a second, then flip back, and what do I see?

My livejournal has loaded, but it's all faded. And then, wham, there's a humongous giant popup blocking most of the screen. It says 'bestbuy' at the bottom. And there's a nice little 'x' close button in the upper right.

So I click close. Yes, please, close, get the frell away from me.

But, no go. Because it's not done trying to load a video or something. I right-click, trying to see if it's Flash or what. I don't get very far with that, because then Opera gives up.

Yes, Livejournal, Opera just gave up on you.

Because you frelling CRASHED my BROWSER. My non-IE browser.

You crashed it.

To show me. Or rather, to fail to show me, some advertisement for Best Buy.

Best Buy, you suck too.

Serve you all right if I went back to Facebook. Where at least the advertisements are in ignorable parts of the screen.


Dec. 14th, 2009 11:05 pm
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Still very busy and spending my free time other places. Haven't even kept up with my flist, which means if it's not on Whatever, icanhascheezburger, or Cake Wrecks, and it's still happening in the blogosphere, I'm probably not aware of it.

I maybe shouldn't add to Avatar's hype by posting about it and giving it one more hit in the search engines, but really, it's gotten so unbelievable that I need to post about it.

What is with all the advertising? It's everywhere and it's obnoxious. It's even worse than the 'Team Edward/Team Jacob' Burger King commercial (which still manages to sell burgers to construction workers rather than teenage girls).

It's one thing to plug your movie with special full-length trailers during an episode of something or other. It's one thing to have special little 30-second segments during 2 hours of cartoons on Sunday night. It's another thing entirely to make the characters of "Bones" be your shills.

Who's going to wait in line for Avatar tickets? No one I know.
Who's going to skip work to go see Avatar? No one I know.
Who's going to go see Avatar at all? Well, maybe some people are. But if so, no one's told me they're going to.

I'm sure not. Even without the over-the-top, unbelievable Fox-pushing hype, which by itself is enough to make me boycott it, I had no interest at all in seeing it.

What's the appeal? Cool special effects? That's a reason to go see 2012, which I haven't yet done. That's not a reason for 99% of movies.

Blue people? Unless your name is Kurt Wagner, I don't care that you're blue. I don't even care if there's several of you and you're playing with paint on a stage.

Military action? Um. No. Never, ever a draw.

It looks like a video game? Is that a reason to go see a movie?

A magical cure for a paralyzed guy? There's an anti-reason to go see it right there.

The director? He's somebody big. I forget who.
The actors? Nobody I care about, as far as I know.

Teh awesome science fictional-ness? Nothing new.

One of the more annoying aspects of this is that it's not Avatar The Last Airbender, which is a movie full of its own fail.

So, Fox, really, give it up already. You're really ticking me off.

And now Daily Show is in on the act tonight.

*crawls off whining*


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