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Just a quick update on what I read/watched in 2013.

Goodreads widget says I read 96 books of my ambitious pi in the sky goal of 314. This is really, really pathetic for me. And though I was taking classes, this isn't really much of a change in the busy-ness of my life since 2012. Either I'm watching more or playing more games or... who knows what.

The books I rated 4 or 5 stars in 2013:

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves / Karen Joy Fowler
Contagious: Why Things Catch On / Jonah Berger
Miles in Love (reread) / Lois McMaster Bujold
Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus 1 & 2 / CLAMP

Bi-Normal / M. G. Higgins
Fortunately, The Milk / Neil Gaiman
If You Could Be Mine / Sara Farizan
The Reason I Jump / Naoki Higashida
Pink and Say / Patricia Polacco
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library / Chris Grabenstein
The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett / Tom Angelberger
Code Name Verity / Elizabeth Wein
The Power of Poppy Pendle / Natasha Lowe
The Ocean at the End of the Lane / Neil Gaiman
Magic Below Stairs / Caroline Stevermer
The Story of Saiunkoku Vol 1 & 2 / Kairi Yura
Doubleblind / Ann Aguirre
The Summer Prince / Alaya Dawn Johnson (even though I gave it 4 stars, I tagged it 'awesome')
Will in Scarlet / Matthew Cody
Squire / Tamora Pierce
The Language Inside / Holly Thompson
School Spirits / Rachel Hawkins
Destiny, Rewritten / Kathryn Fitzmaurice
Doll Bones / Holly Black
Gulp / Mary Roach
A Bride's Story Vol 2 & Vol 4 / Kaoru Mori
First Test / Tamora Pierce
Seraphina / Rachel Hartman
Stranger Here / Jen Larsen
Monument 14 / Emmy Laybourne
Ignore Everybody / Hugh MacLeod
Diplomatic Immunity (reread) / Lois McMaster Bujold
The Millionaire Messenger / Brendon Burchard
The $100 Startup / Chris Guillebeau
Rainbow Man / MJ Engh
Steal Like an Artist / Austin Kleon
Animal Academy Vol. 6 / Moyamu Fujino
Miles Errant (reread) / Lois McMaster Bujold

--- Well, there's one book I forgot to mark down! Because I did read the latest Bujold. It would've been silly to reread them all and then stop! ----

But it looks like I was rating roughly half the things I read as 4 or 5 stars. Maybe I'm getting better at not bothering with the lower-rated books. Of course I say that, but I read all of that Ann Aguirre series.

Let me just wrap this up with things I watched. Just, in addition to keeping up with probably too many shows, particularly reality shows, here's what I watched once we got a good Internet connection:

* All of Eureka
* All of Warehouse 13 so I'm caught up for the final mini-season
* Up to somewhere in season 8 of Stargate SG-1
* Somewhere towards the beginning of season 1 of Stargate Atlantis

I'm trying to watch the Stargates in airdate order, so I'm flipping back and forth now.

New Sherlock tonight!
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After one episode (really less than one episode) of Atlantis on BBCA, I decided I didn't need to watch more. I deleted the 3 eps I had and the season pass. If someone convinces me that watching white guys run away from animals/creatures 3 times in one episode is something I should be doing, I'll track down the original uncut 6 minutes longer BBC version.

I have not managed to catch Almost Human, because it's opposite something... now have 1 random episode I can't watch.

I managed to miss an episode of Dracula, so I have to track that down before watching the last one.

Meant to watch the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music, because, but forgot. Oh well.

Have not watched any Christmas specials. Will make up for that later.

Finished season 6 of Stargate SG-1. I'm on the downward slope! I've watched more episodes than I have episodes left to watch.

Anticipating - Christmas Doctor Who, Christmas teaser for Sherlock, New Year's Sherlock (you think I'm waiting for PBS? Ha ha ha!)
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I had 5 episodes of The Tomorrow People saved up because I knew it would take a certain amount of attention to get into yet another new show. Now I'm kind of sorry I waited so long, because I could have saved the Tivo the effort. After 30 minutes, I'm dropping it. I really don't need to watch another show about a teenaged white boy who's actually 25. And bad guys and good guys and super powers that aren't all that exciting. And yea, basically, it gave me nothing cool. It gave me nothing new.

Which is a shame, because I have a fond memory of the original series. Though 'fond' is about the only memory I do have of it. I don't remember specifics. I never saw all of it, and it was so long ago. I don't know how old I was, since it started airing before I was born, but I was definitely a kid. And there is no way I would've liked this new remake as a kid. Since I don't like it now either! Maybe if they used actual teenagers it would stand half a chance. Maybe if it wasn't CW. CW only knows how to make one kind of show.

So, 5 deletes and a canceled season pass.

And we'll see if Fox ever decides to finally premiere Almost Human.
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I have literally lost the plot. I can't even tell if I missed an episode or not. Reasons why I might not have any idea what's going on include.. having missed an episode?, not caring enough about it when I'm "watching" it to pay enough attention, and finally the fact that too many of the characters are too alike.

Characters need to look, sound, act distinctive! American television oftentimes fails this miserably. Movies too. It's like with books, how you shouldn't name the characters with similar names. Don't start more than 2 with the same letter. Don't make more than 2 the same length. And be carefully of visually similar names like Dick and .. I dunno, something that looks like Dick. Bund? Well, you get the idea.

I am not attuned to fine shades of hair color, hair styles (which are variable anyway), or even skin color. If all your women are white with long, dark hair, I am not telling them apart. If all your men are white or maybe not even white, but I read them white, and they all have short hair (as they inevitably due!), I can't tell them apart. Even if there are blonds and brunettes all mixed in, their hair is too short for even that to help.

If you think you're making your characters different by one having dark brown wavy hair and one having slightly less dark brown curly hair.. yea, no, not really. If you think they all have unique fashion sense.. yea, I'm not going to see it. I can see it only if it's very different and very consistent. Big Bang Theory is a good example.

I'm beginning to ramble. I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep and I really need more sleep, but I have to go to work.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is.. Hollywood (and all those other places they film American shows), make your characters more distinctive! Dare to give a chick a short haircut! Dare to give a guy long hair! Dare to give anyone glasses that look like they actually belong on their face! Dare to hire actors who are short, or fat, or tall, or just built differently than "typical". Dress them differently! Hire someone with a distinctive voice! /Give/ them a distinctive voice. And I dunno, but probably 'vaguely British accent' probably doesn't cut it. Except it would be better than nothing. (Well, except to the Brits who have to listen to it!)

I need to go get dressed and go to work. But there's my rant. That's one of the reasons British television is so good. They cast a wider diversity of people. Old, goofy-looking, adorkable, etc. And I dunno, maybe they do character better too.

Sci-fi shows often get to cheat by making some of them aliens. I kept thinking of TNG. So easy to tell all of them apart...

Anyway, yes, clothes. Work. Blah. Bai, Internet. :)

More TV

Oct. 15th, 2013 10:24 am
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Witches of East End - I found myself not paying a lot of attention to episode 2.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - Pretty good for a pilot. Interesting. Also a bit strange, but I suppose it is Wonderland. I want Alice to acquire a harem. Two boys and a rabbit isn't enough. Give her a couple more. :)

Ironside - Watched two episodes. Not bad, but it's a cop show. I usually need more of a hook in a cop show.

Tomorrow People - Recorded, not watched yet.
Sean Saves the World - Season passed, but it hasn't managed to record an episode because of other conflicting things, so not seen it.

So far my new recommendations are: Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Mom, Michael J Fox Show (which I have trouble catching).

SHIELD is just not cutting it. And I thought Sleepy Hollow was going to be the dud!

Still to come - Dracula, Almost Human

TV Again

Oct. 8th, 2013 10:31 am
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Just Witches of East End this time.

As I started watching it, I was thinking 'this is new adult'. Then the mother and aunt had more to do, so I revised it to 'supernatural chick lit'. Which is fine if you like that sort of thing, and not too surprising given that it's Lifetime. Lifetime gave us Tanya Huff's vampire show though, so I'm not down on Lifetime. Except they straight-washed the vampire and then canceled the show. So maybe I am down on Lifetime.

Anyhoo.. I'll keep watching for a bit. But I really have to work to suspend my disbelief that the aunt's name is WENDY. You can't be very old if you're a Wendy. I'm just sayin'. About 100, 110 tops.

* Okay, I googled/wikipedia'd it. She could be an older Wendy, it's just highly unlikely. And the naming scheme of the daughters, and the surnames.. they're just sort of all over.
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I was reading through this lengthy article about women in science and I was finding it interesting and informative. Until I got to page 3 and her discussion of Big Bang Theory.

I will readily admit, and could even be induced to rant, about the sexist.. everything in Big Bang Theory. I do not disagree that that show has problems, as entertaining as it may be. (And it's more entertaining when it's doing geeky things and not relationship crap, btw.) But WOW! WOW! For an article that's supposedly about how we should have more women in science, she is incredibly harsh about the women on Big Bang Theory!

"For proof of the stereotypes that continue to shape American attitudes about science, and about women in science in particular, you need only watch an episode of the popular television show “The Big Bang Theory,” about a group of awkward but endearing male Caltech physicists and their neighbor, Penny, an attractive blonde who has moved to L.A. to make it as an actress. Although two of the scientists on the show are women, one, Bernadette, speaks in a voice so shrill it could shatter a test tube. When she was working her way toward a Ph.D. in microbiology, rather than working in a lab, as any real doctoral student would do, she waitressed with Penny. Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy, a neurobiologist who becomes semiromantically involved with the childlike but brilliant physicist Sheldon, really does have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is in no way the hideously dumpy woman she is presented as on the show. “The Big Bang Theory” is a sitcom, of course, and therefore every character is a caricature, but what remotely normal young person would want to enter a field populated by misfits like Sheldon, Howard and Raj? And what remotely normal young woman would want to imagine herself as dowdy, socially clueless Amy rather than as stylish, bouncy, math-and-science-illiterate Penny?"

The men are 'awkward but endearing'. And one isn't a physicist by the way, but an engineer and an astronaut. And dude, he is not particularly endearing. He's kinda gross. Also, two of them aren't Penny's neighbor.

Penny is 'an attractive blonde'.

Bernadette speaks not just in a 'shrill' voice, but one with a metaphor attached.

Amy is only 'semiromantically involved'? And Sheldon is 'childlike'. Presumably because he's asexual and their relationship hasn't progressed much in sexual directions, it gets characterized as 'semiromantic' and Sheldon as 'childike'.

Amy is then described as "hideously dumpy"! Which is not at all like what Mayim Bialik looks like, by the way, in case you were worried!
Amy is then additionally described as "dowdy" and "socially clueless".

She really has it out for Amy! I assume because she couldn't find anything to say about Bernadette's appearance.

Look. Bernadette has her quirks, because they ALL DO. Her voice is a minor thing compared to Raj's inability to talk to women or her husband's lecherousness. Amy has her unique style of dress, again, because they ALL DO. I could show you the outfits of any character on the show, devoid of their actors, and you'd know who wore them. They're so distinctive that I NOTICED. The only other time I noticed something like that was Smallville's color scheme.

Why is she giving the men a pass? Why are they "endearing" in their awkwardness, but Amy isn't?

I guess geeks and myself included are not "remotely normal", because I see myself and fellow geeks in the characters on Big Bang Theory. It's lacking diversity -- someone overweight, someone not-straight, someone older, someone with a beard, someone disabled, more non-white people, etc etc. But I could readily imagine all of them at a local con and not being surprised by how they appear, how they act, or how they speak.

But I ALSO wouldn't be surprised to see Penny! She is geeky in her own way, and interested enough in what her friends are doing to try to learn more about it. Would I be surprised to see her alone at a con? Probably.

Do I want to be her? No. I don't want to be a waitress, or an actor, or a blonde, or a sports fan, or more of a slob than I already am. Oh, wait, you mean Penny has personality traits beyond "stylish" and "bouncy"? *gasp!*

I guess the author of this piece wants her female scientists to be pretty, stylish, "normal" women. All others need not apply.

Sorry, Bernadette, you didn't work your way through school in a lab like any respectable scientist would. And you talk funny. You're out.
Sorry, Amy, you don't dress pretty enough, and you didn't spend enough time socializing with the right people. You're out too.
Penny, you're in! Just apply yourself harder to that math and science you don't like all that much!

TV Update

Oct. 3rd, 2013 12:33 pm
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Sleepy Hollow - I still need to watch the latest one (online). I was rewatching the first one and there's a reference to pie soup that I think is only explained in episode 2, so that's cool. I also liked the chopping off of the sign and the later shot of it the first time I watched that ep. I mean to rewatch the first 2 eps, cuz I feel I wasn't paying attention enough.

SHIELD - I rewatched the first ep. Which moved it from boring to.. this is not very good. I watched the second ep. There's something wrong about it. The characters are trying to be interesting, I think?, and failing. It doesn't help that there's so many demographically alike. An accent does not make you diverse! One of them had better at least be gay. The Whedon or Whedonesque dialog is falling flat. It's not coming off right. You can easily spot it, but it's not.. right.

Crazy Ones - Eh. Too much Robin Williams is a bad thing. And 'too much' occurs very quickly. I have trouble even watching a 5-minute interview with him. And I'm not sure of the plot on that first ep either.

Michael J Fox Show - This was funny. I had trouble catching both of the first 2 eps that aired and re-aired, but I managed in the end.

We Are Men - I like 3 of the actors in other things, but just.. clearly I am not the target market for this show. And why'd they make one of the white guys the lead? And the one we don't even know!

Mom - Still good. Not fantastic, wow, but good.

Survivor - I managed to miss it because of stupid Arrow. And I say stupid Arrow because it was a stupid recap show! I'll have to watch on cbs.com again, and that is painful. I need to go in and prioritize it over Arrow, which is mostly a boring show.

Amazing Race - Eh. Also, read the freaking clues.
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Sleepy Hollow - There's enough good in it to keep me watching, but it's opposite some sitcoms I like.

Mom - One of said sitcoms. Not bad. It's on after 2 Broke Girls, so like, no reason not to grab it. On the other hand, if Sleepy Hollow gets better, I'd drop it without a second thought. (And watch 2 Broke Girls some other way.)

The Goldbergs - Bad. Horrible. It's got annoying narration a la The Wonder Years and the rest is just people yelling at each other.

Lucky 7 - Potentially interesting. I'll have to see where it goes. It has no skiffy content. And despite one of the characters looking kinda like the gay guy from Warehouse 13, it's not actually him.

Survivor - I was excited to see Rupert. And yet he may not last much longer. I was anti-excited to see the bigoted, racist, ableist, classist gay guy who is the worst guy on that show ever and they shouldn't have brought him back in a million years and how did he ever manage to get a fiance? And OH EM GEE YOU GUYS but watching it on cbs.com is the most annoying thing ever! There's like 4-5 commercials in every normal commercial break. I only needed to watch the last half hour (because America's Got Talent finale was on), and of course the last half hour is packed with the most commercials. Fox.com running Sleepy Hollow commercials IN THE MIDDLE OF SLEEPY HOLLOW was a much more enjoyable experience in comparison.

Oh yea. SHIELD - I found it boring. I found the characters boring. It'd better get good fast.
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Merlin Season 1 disc art.

1. Merlin
2. Arthur
3. Uther and Gaius
4. Gwen and Morgana
5. The dragon

Yup, that about sums it up. The women aren't very important. But at least they beat the dragon.

For the record, it's a horrible picture of the dragon.

TV Reviews

Sep. 25th, 2012 09:31 am
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Well, not really reviews. I was going to watch Revolution just so I could post about how much it sucked and in exactly which ways it sucked. But it was opposite other, more important things, so the Tivo has yet to record an episode. And it wanted to do it I think this weekend, but it didn't tell me what episode #. I wasn't going to watch random episode and it seems like it's always going to be opposite something Way More Important. So yea, haven't watched it, guess I don't plan to now. Will remove the season pass once it annoys me sufficiently by trying to record random eps.

I'm happy I got to watch 2 Broke Girls. That situation may not last, but it's right after HIMYM, so as long as I keep getting HIMYM, I'll keep getting that. I have to nab Bones from my roommate. If it turns out a third cool thing is on then, then I'll have to grab both Bones and HIMYM from their Tivo and then I won't get 2 Broke Girls.

Tivo grabbed Bob's Burgers! Was disappointed it was not a new one yet! And now the new one is going to be opposite _something_. I think maybe Once Upon a Time? Sigh.

I did watch the new sitcom Partners. It was kind of meh. I like the relationship, but the 'sit' and the 'com' part need a lot of work. And David Krumholtz should totally be the person stealing the scenes, but he wasn't. Not only is he not gay, but he wasn't even the curly-haired guy! He came off as boring. He should not come off as boring! Maybe if the gay guy toned down the flaming part about a billion degrees. (Hey, that wasn't even a mixed metaphor!)

I'll keep watching as long as the Tivo keeps recording it, but I won't go out of my way to watch it if the Tivo decides I should watch something more important.

Oh, they were also totally ripping off Psych, with shots of childhood showing how long they've been friends, etc. (Which I guess in turn was ripping off that show on Lifetime whose name escapes me.)
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I just finished watching S2E3 of Sherlock. Wah. Now I have to wait for more Sherlock!
And I have to wait a superlong time for more Doctor Who. Grr.

Spent the first week of January in Florida with my family. We did 1 day Magic Kingdom, 2 days SeaWorld, 3 days Universal. They did Legoland while I chilled in the room (well, actually they did the chilling, since it was really cold that day! Ha!). Of course we did Harry Potter. Very crowded! And that was in the off season!

If you want to do Harry Potter, I have one of two suggestions for you:
1) Stay at a Universal hotel. You'll get in early.
2) Go to the Harry Potter con in July. You'll get in exclusively! With a bunch of Harry Potter geeks!

If you can't swing either of those, then plan to do 3-4 days at Universal and hit the park the moment you can get in and go straight to Harry Potter. Do that each day for as long as you can stand the crowd, then go do something else.

The Three Broomsticks does not have good (any) vegetarian options, so be prepared to eat potatoes, corn and salad if you eat there. After you've had the experience, you can go next door to get a Jurassic veggie burger. Though SeaWorld's veggie burgers were better, I think.

Seaworld surprised me by the quality of the shows. A lot of stuff was closed because January is apparently the time to renovate things. But they still had five shows and they were very theatrical and well-done. You don't think you need 2 days for Seaworld, but since day 2 is free, it's worth it. The Manta coaster was a big hit with those who rode it.

The Magic Kingdom had the light parade, which they hadn't had the last 2-3 times I went, I don't think. So it was nice to see that.

My library science classes start again next week. I'm trying 2 this semester, since first semester seemed kind of easy. I may come to regret that. But this will get the mandatory classes out of the way and I'll be free to pick fun electives after that. Rumor is they'll offer Chinese in the Fall. Which is totally tangential, but I'm so easily suckered into a language class. And we do have Chinese books in our library! I was book selector for them for awhile.

I'm behind on Triple Take reviews. Link to Triple Take right here. I need to do October's, November's, December's, the special Little House project, and a very very very late Turing book. Next up on our Nebula Project is The Dispossessed. I borrowed two copies of that so long ago that I no longer know where one of them is. I read this one at least twice in college for classes, but I don't remember it much. After that is a bunch of novels I know nothing about. Yay!

I should do some Wiscon reading, now that it's only 4 months away. Eep!

Considering going to Boskone. I was considering going to Arisia, but it was right after I got back from Florida and that really would've been a little crazy of me. But it did look like fun!

I've blown through almost all my vacation time now though, so I need to make sure I'm saving time for Wiscon. Once July hits, I get more floating holidays and personal days in a lump, so I'm less concerned after that.

That's probably enough rambling for now. Just thought my LJ deserved an update of some sort.
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This will have spoilers, but as it's already aired twice, I'm not going to hide them behind a cut.

I just started watching the new Thundercats. I've finished the first three episodes. I had to stop to rant at Lion-O's stupid decision! I don't know how the cats rose to be the strongest race/society on this planet if this is how they think.

So their palace and city and apparently entire society is destroyed. Lion-O's got two people and a pet with him. So what do they decide to do? Either A) Run off to kill Mumm-ra in revenge or B) go off on a quest to find a book which may or may not exist. Didn't occur to any of them that maybe they ought to look for survivors? That maybe your first priority as king is to protect your people? Find them safety, food, water, shelter? And then start to rebuild?

Of course for all they know (since they didn't look for survivors) and all we know, there are only two female cats left alive on the entire planet. In which case, they might as well go off on whatever fool quest they want, they're doomed anyway. Unless that book is going to tell them how to interbreed with the lizards or fish on the planet.

Even if Cheetara and Wily Kit can have many, many litters, several of the little group are related to each other, so their genetic stock is not very diverse.

Seriously, dude, LOOK FOR SURVIVORS!! You're going to need them!!!

More TV

Oct. 15th, 2011 10:18 pm
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That whole switch to digital thing means the Tivo has to talk to a cable box to change the channel. Which means I can only record one channel or watch one channel. I can't record one thing and watch another. Remember when we used to have that technology? In the 80s? Anyhow, it also means that sometimes they don't cooperate with each other. And it fails to change the channel. Or, randomly once recently it changed it to a completely weird channel. Like, the numbers didn't match at all.

Which is all to say that my Tivo failed to record Community last week. So I had to procure it through other means. So I noticed it was episode S3E4. And then right at the top of the episode they make a joke about that! The apartment is 303, only they're arguing that it was 304. I'm thinking there was something I missed there. Did they air in the wrong order maybe? Shows still do that crap. (Witness Alphas, which resulted in me watching them out of order!)

But if the cable box/Tivo hadn't screwed up, I probably wouldn't have noticed that it was ep 304. Oh sure, it would've said it. But I wouldn't have been paying attention to it. And I would've missed the joke. (Or maybe it would've said 303, and I would not have known the significance of it.)

All of this going on when Wil Wheaton was on Big Bang Theory too! But never fear, I've procured that through other other means. :)

So there's your bit of randomness for the week from me.


Sep. 30th, 2011 12:30 pm
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Haven't posted in awhile. So here's a television post.

Been watching Doc Martin DVDs from the library. Just one DVD left. 4 episodes left. (And someone around here screwed up and it got checked out to someone else instead of being put on hold for me, so now I have to wait an extra week! Grrr!) After that, I'll be caught up to the series currently airing.

Doc Martin is basically Northern Exposure. I'd say toss it in a blender with Vicar of Dibley and House and you'll pretty much have it nailed. It's.. compelling, somehow. And I'm mad I can't watch anymore this weekend!

Still have not watched the last episode of Torchwood. I'm kind of afraid to. Given what a mess he made of things in the /last/ series. :P

Last episode of Doctor Who is tomorrow. Kind of want to save that, but won't.

Started recording reruns of Big Bang Theory. Annoyed Community is opposite it. (Cable box won't let me record one and watch one. :P)

2 Broke Girls was surprisingly good, but I missed the second episode because I was grabbing all of the Alphas.

Have only watched a few of the Alphas. It's okay, but so far nothing to write home about. Annoyed they numbered them 101, 103, 102. I watched them in number order, which apparently wasn't the right order!

Anxious for House to start.

Biggest Loser. What happened to the two new trainers they introduced last time? Huh, wha? Also, idiot team chose 5-7am as their workout time. No, bad time!! Sleep is important to weight loss. Why would you screw up your sleep like that?

Random comment, but I wish Comedy Central would realize that women have a sense of humor.

Remember when television was good? I have all of Buffy on DVD and will eventually sit down to (re)watch that.
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Hey, haven't forgotten Livejournal exists. Just one of those phases where I don't post anything and then even stop reading flists.

Re: Clarion Write-a-Thon. I need to figure out who I owe reviews to and ask them what they want me to review. I know, I know. In the end, though I intended to write 6 stories, I wrote 2. Which is an improvement over 0! It's like.. infinitely more than double 0. So far the first one has been rejected twice.. in both cases probably for being too long. Which is ironic because A) I already cut it down quite a bit! And B) I don't write long stories! As my school English teachers, at least one of them, told me, I am terse. Too terse in the opinion of English teachers. Oh, the other story is still in a mix of longhand and Google Doc. I need to get that into a cohesive whole in a single medium. And edit it. And start sending it out.

Now, the big thing. School! I started library school. At San Jose State. Only not at San Jose State, because it's online of course. One day I will be Noah Wyle's character from The Librarian. Not simply by being a librarian, but by having tons of master's degrees and PhDs. Because degrees are cool.

Speaking of... still a tad behind on Torchwood. I will probably have some thoughts to share on it once I finish watching the whole series/season/whatever it is.

New shows start soon and I don't even know what I'm watching. Except that it WILL include House and probably include Biggest Loser. I'll take suggestions. I should probably drop some of the silly reality shows.. watching way too many auction/storage unit/picker shows. Reclaim some time for reading, doing homework, and stuffs.

If you're looking for me doing stuff, you can find me on Facebook, reviewing stuff and discussing Nebula novels on Triple Take and posting book-related and library-related stuff on my new blog, Fledgling Librarian.

I started a professional writing blog/site, but I feel like I need more than a couple publishing credits before I start using it. Or maybe that's an excuse and really I'm just distracted by the new library blog.

So, yea, now you're all caught up with me, I guess. Maybe if I'm feeling wordy, I'll talk about OSC or #yesgayya at some point.
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"America's Got Talent"

America still has more talent and weirdness than (at least this season's) Britain's Got Talent. K has informed me there's an Australia's Got Talent, so I may have to track that down.

That male pole dancer was pretty cool. As Sharon said, there was an androgyny about his act. He wore high heels, but that wasn't it. The way he moved was very feminine. As it's a feminine er.. sport.

Is it anti-feminist to appreciate how he does it and not appreciate much how the women do it? Does it take a man to turn pole dancing into an actual legitimate artform?

"Expedition: Impossible"

This is a Mark Burnett reality show, Amazing Race ripoff. But it was interesting. The teams are teams of 3. And what they're being asked to do is HARD. Hike up a sand dune, cross the desert on a camel, cross the desert without a camel.

Since it's not couples, I expect to hear less whiny shrieking. We'll see.

Nothing too shocking in how well the teams are doing thus far. Although 'underestimating the blind guy' as a theme is going to get old pretty quickly.

It will be interesting to see which teams have stamina. Because this is going to take stamina.

"House Hunters International"

Because what's summer TV without watching mindless reruns of something? K got me watching an episode, then I watched another and another. Then I got a season pass. So my Tivo is exploding a little bit.

Why are there so many rich people?! And why do they get to buy awesome houses in awesome places? (Although Indian bathrooms are scary!)

This lesbian couple worked for the London Underground (which you would expect, here in the States anyway, to be a blue collar, if unionized job, and perhaps pay reasonably, but not generously) and they were like.. yea, we get all this time off. Long weekends, etc. And we'd like to go someplace sunny. And then they're looking at places costing like 400K! Plus, their regular house had 4 bedrooms and they weren't using 2 and were using one as a 'laundry room'! They have 4 bedrooms and don't even know how to use them!! And they need another house!

How do I get a job with the London Underground? :P

Then there's the people who get monthly housing stipends from their employers. Which are 3 times my monthly takehome pay! Yea, I feel so sorry all these kitchens are too small for your rich a---.


But it's interesting seeing all these places in other countries. And occasionally you'll have a young couple looking to move and with a budget of like 100K or 1-2K a month. You know.. reasonable.

TV Reviews

Jun. 18th, 2011 01:10 pm
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"Nine Lives of Chloe King"

(My brain keeps wanting to say Chloe Chant.)

The concept has promise. I liken it to Veronica Mars or Joan of Arcadia. I dunno about the whole cat thing. I'd almost rather it was werewolf or vampire. Why invent something new if it's just sort of going to be the same old thing? But that aside, my real issue was with the delivery of snarky, funny lines. They'd go by and I'd be like.. well, that could have been snarky and/or funny, but it wasn't. Why wasn't it? The actors' fault? But it happened to more than one actor. And to my relatively untrained eye, they seemed to be okay actors for the rest of the time. Is it just mediocre acting and I can't tell it's not very good? Or is it the director's fault?

Those lines just fell flat. Or, more like.. blended in with all the other, less interesting lines.

For anyone who watched it, then particularly the scene where the guy has her up against the wall in the hall at school. She says some snarky things that.. aren't. And then the other guy outside the shop when he talks about indulging in his headwear fetish. He kinda mumbled that one so you nearly miss it. (I had to rewind.)

"Teen Wolf"

Better than Chloe King. But not much like the movies at all. They kept two names, "Scott", and "Stiles". But changed Scott's last name, randomly. And other than two names, a teenage werewolf, and a high school sport, it bears no resemblance to the movies. One of the best, most interesting things about the movies, I thought, was that his lycanthropy was inherited.

While the show is not entirely dark, it's not a comedy either. So the tone isn't even quite right to match the movies.

I do find that the sport is lacrosse to be interesting. Much better than wrestling, which is just gross! And basketball, which seems to be all about sweat.

"Switched at Birth"

While watching Chloe King, I saw an ad which mentioned Marlee Matlin, so, since my Tivo has been pretty empty lately, I got a season pass for this one. And it turns out to be more interesting than I thought.

Basically, take a Lifetime movie about babies switched in the hospital (really, pick any one of those you want), and then they condense that down into the first five minutes, and go on from there. The aftermath. The figuring things out. The readjustment of the families. You know, the interesting stuff. And it turns out one of the kids is Deaf, so that just makes it extra interesting to me. And so far, from what I can tell, they're doing everything right there.

I haven't even finished watching the first episode and had to come on here to tell you guys.


Do Watch: Teen Wolf (though it has a masculine vibe), Switched at Birth (though it has no sf/f element)
Don't Bother: Nine Lives of Chloe King (Unless you're the sort to watch and hope it gets better)

Coming up soon: Expedition Impossible (reality show) and new episodes of Futurama and Leverage.

And Torchwood? Maybe? Was that July?

Anything else new I should check out?
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Some spoilers for Britain's Got Talent, which just ended the other day. America's Got Talent, by contrast, just started last week.

The judges for this year's Britain's Got Talent were Amanda Holden, who's been a judge since the beginning I think. I had no idea who she was before this, and still have no idea who she is outside of this, except that she's in Shrek The Musical. (No idea why she wasn't an ogre in the musical number they did though.) Michael something, who is a comedian. And David Hasselhoff.

Now The Hoff made a nice change. He's judged America's Got Talent before and this marks the first American on the British version. Whereas when you look at the America's Got Talent judges, you currently have Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel. And it's always been skewed towards Brits.

Simon Cowell also joined BGT as a fourth judge for the semifinals and finals. Which was just kind of silly.

The best part of Britain's Got Talent is Ant and Dec as hosts. And AGT just can't compare to that. I mean, seriously, Jerry Springer? And then they brought in Nick Cannon, who I've never heard of. And who I still don't feel is authentic. Ant and Dec are just sooooo much better.

But this season of BGT was pretty rubbish overall. Most of the acts were not that good. There weren't even a whole lot that were hilariously bad. But who the 3 judges (minus Simon, supposedly) put through to the semifinals was just ridiculous. They put 4 or 5 dog acts through! Which, if you have 4 super dog acts, then sure, why not, but most of them were rubbish.

So by the time we get down to the finals, what do we have? 1 woman. 1 person who had nothing to do with music. 1 act that wasn't an individual. If you had said 'I want the young guy who sings/dances to win', well, then you wouldn't be saying anything! More than half the acts fit that description!

It completely failed as a variety show. Even though they _had_ had a pair of bellringers who were good, an awesome a capella group (more singing and more young men, but at least they were a group!), a pretty good magician. And just.. blah. If I wanted to watch a bunch of singers or dancers, there's a billion other shows to watch that on.

Which is why when I finished watching BGT and let myself watch the first episode of AGT, it was a breath of fresh air. Original acts! Women! Girls! People who don't sing! There were some amazing acts in that first episode that would've won BGT in a heartbeat. Because they were just that much more awesome than anything BGT had to offer this year.

Has the UK dried up its talent pool? Is the combo of Hasselhoff, Holden, and Whatshisname just bad at picking acts? I dunno..

I did feel really really bad for Howie at the start of the first AGT episode though. They made him really uncomfortable and then were laughing and making fun of him. I have to applaud him for sitting there afterward. I would've walked out. If you didn't see it, basically what happened was a juggler/unicyclist asked if he'd come up to be an assistant. Howie was told all he had to do was hand the guy his torches to juggle. But then the guy made out like he didn't have his balance on the unicycle, and put his hand on Howie's head to balance himself. And then held him captive that way. And then the torches got lit. So now Howie is not only trapped by this guy, but quite near flaming torches. He was pleading with the other judges for them to hit the buzzers and end it.

Security must've known something, because I don't know why they wouldn't have stepped in. But it definitely did not look like just an act, Howie in on the joke, and all in good fun. He looks seriously freaked out and then quietly steaming/ticked off inside. He refused to vote either way. Probably didn't trust himself to say anything.

It was not at all fun to watch. And if this unicyclist goes through to where I get to vote, he is NOT getting my vote. Can I negative vote him? :P

Things I'd do to improve AGT:

Ditch Piers. He was okay at first, but now I'm so over him. Doesn't he have his own show he should be off doing?
Swap out Ant and Dec for Nick Cannon. Cannon can get an after-show. The 'More Talent' that Steven Mulhern hosts.
Also, two female judges would not break some cosmic law of the universe and cause us all to die a fiery, sparkly death. Seriously. It wouldn't.
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I just have to say, this episodes of "Bones" sucks so hard.

When I first heard they were going to use it as a vehicle to launch another show, I thought the guy was going to come in as an assistant, like all the grad assistants the show cycles through. I knew then it was kind of going to suck.

I had no idea it was going to be so blatantly obvious a pilot for the other show that Bones and Angel... er.. Booth were going to be relegated to 5 minutes of screen time.

It is soooooo freaking boring!!!!!!

No wonder they couldn't do their own, real pilot. It would've bombed instantly.

Is it over yet? Why am I still watching?

I repeat. IT SUCKS SO HARD!!!!


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