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I was going to post about Readercon first, but then the Chik-Fil-A (see previous rant) thing annoyed me more in the moment.

So, Readercon.

I used to live in Waltham and work in Burlington, and yet Readercon never crossed my radar as something worth considering going to. I don't know how or why I missed it. Maybe I never heard of it. Maybe it sounded boring. (Compared to anime cons? Yea.)

It wasn't until I'd moved north to New Hampshire, and gone away to California to attend Clarion, that it really entered my radar. Some of the instructors mentioned it. Some of my classmates mentioned it.

But, see, I made the mistake of going to a Wiscon first. I cannot sing the praises of Wiscon highly enough. Will do my best to never miss one.

Readercon was crap by comparison. Unfair comparison? Perhaps. But it's not exactly comparing apples to oranges. Just crappy apples to delicious apples. :) Without having a mediocre apple in between to temper my opinion.

I posted con reports. They're around here somewhere if you want to read them.

* Hotel wifi is EXPENSIVE. (For all numbers above $0 I think it's a ripoff, but I mean EXPENSIVE. And it was moreso the second time! The price kept going up!)

* Hotel location is crap. You can't walk to anywhere to eat. The hotel shuttle is unreliable. If you want food, you're stuck with the hotel food, ordering in, or knowing someone with a car going somewhere you can eat (vegetarian, though I have no other dietary restrictions).

* Repeat, hotel location is crap. I don't have a car. It's easier for me to get to a con in BOSTON than it is to get to a con ~20 minutes away from me. My options are 1) expensive or 2) ridiculously convoluted and time-consuming.

* Hotel layout is crap. There's a 'lounge', but it's not conducive to lots of small groups talking. Unless you're the type who likes hanging out in people's hotel rooms, or your own, you're going to be stuck in this crappy lounge or in the hotel bar. (Contrast to Wiscon which has a nice lounge, random chairs other places, lounges on other floors, and just lots of random spaces for conversations. And organized parties everyone's invited to.)

* Getting on programming. Good luck! You have to be a Big Name, or a Medium Name, and know the super secret password or something. Broad Universe didn't even get a reading this year. (I don't know the circumstances behind that. Which is part of the problem.)

* The programming itself. Some of it sounds cool, some of it sounds different, some of it sounds ultra-academic and niche and what and I'm-too-stupid-to-be-at-this-con.

I didn't go this year. I thought about it. I waffled. I wiffled. I booked a room, but did not buy a membership. I knew lots of cool people that were going. Clarion instructors, Outer Alliance people, Broad Universe people. I would have only gone to see them. And y'know what? I can see them at other cons.

Every year K reminds me I didn't enjoy myself the times I did go, so why was I even considering it this time? Because it's so close! It should be cheap and easy and fun! But it's.. none of the above.

So this crap they pulled with the harrasser? The admitted harrasser? The serial harrasser? The two year suspension? Yea, it's crap.

The only time I felt uncomfortable at a con was at Readercon. I know some geeks lack social skills. I honestly think if I wasn't socialized female, I wouldn't have as many social skills as I do. It was probably just that. It was maybe just that. But I was wary of him the next time I went to Readercon. I didn't want to have a conversation of any type with him.

And now to know if he'd gone beyond 'this guy makes me uncomfortable' and I'd reported it, I'd be lucky if anything happened? Yea.. y'know.. not so welcoming, Readercon. And you were already not so welcoming on other fronts.

I had a conversation on the bus home from one Readercon where I was complaining about the location and suggesting other hotels in the greater Boston area that might be better. That I'd be willing to pay more for a better location. And a couple of the people I was talking to said in effect, y'know, get involved, we need fresh blood, etc etc.

Yea, no, sorry. Been there, done that. I know the work involved. And to be constantly fighting an uphill battle against an entrenched concomm? No thank you. I'd sooner go off and start my own con. One a lot closer to the Wiscon model than the Readercon one.

One with well-considered policies we were ready to enforce.
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Here's the Readercon program descriptions. I wish I knew what was happening on what day. Because I would love to go to the Ellen Klages improv. And Steve Berman interviewing Ellen Kushner! And some other things there sound sort of interesting. The majority though.. about books I haven't read, or things that sound dull.

I really, really dislike the Readercon hotel. But it might be worth going down for Saturday. If I had a decent way to get there.

Pre-reg ends today.


Cons 2011

Oct. 19th, 2010 11:33 am
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As of right now, I still plan to attend Wiscon.

Yesterday, I registered for FOGCon. Some awesome GOHs, a city I'd like to visit again and spend more time in, and the chance of meeting up with multiple Clarion classmates. Membership goes up 10$ on November 1st, so it seemed a good time to do it.

I've been to Readercon mm... 3 times? As many times as I've been to Wiscons. And while there are people there I like to see, and some high points to the con, overall I don't have a terribly good time. And the hotel is a LARGE reason for that, but not the only reason. So I'm going to skip it this year unless something happens between now and then to sway me.

Any other cons are up in the air, which means I'm likely to waffle on them and then not go.
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This schedule is insane! I'm so glad I'm not actually on programming. Some people are on a ton of program items and I don't know how they cope.

From 11am onwards there's been panel, panel, panel, panel. With 5 minutes (if you're lucky) between panels. Around 1, sitting in a panel, I thought I'd better get one of those high-priced sandwiches the hotel sells before going to the next panel. But, of course, they'd sold out by the time I got there. Not just packed up and left. Not just sold out of vegetarian sandwiches. Sold out of sandwiches. So they were selling like cookies and chips or something.

Consuite is crap (no offense to the people who put in the work to staff it and whatever, but it's crap). Okay, maybe that's unfair. As I have at least had 2 half peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from there today. And if not for that, I would've been stuck with only what I brought from home. Then again, I could've brought my own peanut butter, jelly, and bread.

No lunch break. No dinner break. And to escape the hotel to get real food, you have to find someone with a car whose schedule isn't packed full. And even then, you're likely to miss 2 programming slots doing it.

At 5pm, I decided I really needed a break. I had a headache. So I went back to the room, lay down, and fell asleep. I had set the alarm and meant to go to N. K. Jemisin's program on immersive world-building, but when it went off, I woke up, and lacked any motivation to go anywhere.

Between the Tylenol and the nap, the headache's pretty much gone. And I'm glad for the nap.

I went to 2 more hours of panels. And now I'm fantasizing about substantial food of some sort. Carrots from the consuite, trail mix I brought with me, and the hope of something good at the Meet the Pros(e) Party in 45 minutes.

I seriously must've forgotten, blacked out, how horrible the food situation is at Readercon. I mean, I knew it, I brought some food. I won't starve. But.. jeesh, man.

Will I regret not ordering a pizza at 9pm? Or going to the bar for potato skins? I might!

Programming starts at 10am tomorrow. Really, they could've so easily started programming an hour early and scheduled just _one_ break.. _one_ break with food.

Of course my ultimate wish is that they'd change hotels!! But no hope of that for next year at the very least.

Do they not realize how horrible it is? How much money would we all save if we didn't have to pay for hotel food and internet? Enough to make up the cost of a higher room rate closer to Boston!

Oh, thoughts on panels? Well, Cat Valente seems to be mentioned in at least half of them! And I haven't even gone to any programs with her on them!
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Hotel internet is 13.76 a day. Though they claim if you charge it to the room, that they'll only charge you once even if you're two (or more) people with two (or more) computers/devices. For those keeping track, that's 76 cents more than last year.

Internet worked without a problem. Key card worked without a problem (so far). 4.50 if you'd like to drink their fancy water in a shampoo bottle. The coffee fixin's are in a little wooden box. Swanky. They tell you to hang up your towels if you don't need them washed, but then only provide one small towel rack, in the shower. We're on the top floor at the end of the hall, but noisy people wake us up! First someone hacking up a lung. Then kids yelling. Then people talking. Then an argument. All before 9 o'clock. Ugh. Maybe the party floor, where they originally wanted to put us, would've been quieter!

I ate at the hotel bar, because the hotel restaurant is insanely priced. For a restaurant that prides itself on serving produce it grows itself, you'd think there'd be more vegetarian options. Or are they growing oysters and veal back behind the hotel?

The bar is noisy. I really hate that. I think this was my first time going into a bar by myself. There weren't a lot of places to sit, especially for someone alone. So I ended up on a high stool at a bar (but not the bar). I asked for a cheese sandwich, then she was asking me all these questions, so I decided it'd be easier to ask for a turkey club without the turkey. Or the bacon. But with cheese. She said she'd have to charge me for the turkey club. Well, of course she would. Then she asked me if I wanted chips? Fries? I said sure, yup. Chips? Fries? It really took about 3 repetitions before I realized she wanted me to make a choice! The menu had said fries, so I just thought she was calling them chips! In the end I asked for fries.

And she brought me chips.

Well, he did. Because the women take the orders and give you the check, but the men bring the food. And I told him I'd asked for fries. So he went back to get me some. And they never appeared. Until I flagged him down and was like 'Fries?'. So, eventually I got my fries. (But no ketchup, so I had to snag some from a nearby table.) So it took me a full hour to eat a sandwich and fries!

I was just in time for the start of Barry Longyear's.. presentation? Lecture? It was about how to feed the writer's imagination. But basically it boiled down to how he organizes all of his research and novel notes. I was confused about why he kept photos in a spreadsheet. And he did say some and demonstrate (and had a handout) some interesting things that I might use at some point. Though it seemed far more useful for a novel than a short story. He told about his revelation that you could actually talk to your characters, that they were real people, that you could trust them to finish the story for you. I guess anyone who's been roleplaying since they were a teenager already knows that.

Some of what he said sounded time-consuming, money-consuming, and indulgent though. We can't all travel to the places where we want to set our story, and collect books and various paraphernalia that will help us out when we're writing. As much as we'd like to!

Well, and so that was billed as a discussion, but the discussion part didn't start until an hour into it. And other programming started then. Including programming that some of the discussion participants were in! Brilliant, that.

I ducked out to go to the speculative poetry workshop.

It was going from someone who was super-organized to something that felt ad-hoc. But that was okay. I believe the presenter was Mike Allen. He read a bit from Cat Valente's lj post about SF poetry. And then we all wrote several short poems. Then we picked one (or a mashup) and expanded on it. Then some people read what they're written and people offered feedback.

I still don't know what to think about poetry in general. I really like Jabberwocky and The Raven. And.. not much else. Although that one with the guy who saws off his arm is an image that sticks with you. Though I don't remember any words from it, or the name. Read it in junior high or HS.

If SF poetry is an outline, a pretty outline, of a story. Then.. why not write the whole story? In prose? The reader would get more time to spend with it. (Like the benefits of a novel versus a short story. Or a series versus a novel.) Plus, more lucrative.

Maybe I don't feel that I have such a surplus of ideas that I can 'waste' one in a poem. Can you do the same idea in a poem that you do in a short story? Is it okay to expand a poem to short story length, like some people expand a short story to novel length? Because I do have a story I was working on that could make a very good poem, actually. If I was at all skilled at turning it into one.

Maybe I'd better stick with what I know.

Then it was after 10:30, so I went upstairs. Finished my 500 words, because all the poetry writing only amounted to 300-something. Diddled on the internet for a bit, then read Makers on my e-reader until I fell asleep.

The end.

Now, off to registration and to check out the consuite.
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Two posts in one day! I know!

But I'm looking at the Readercon Schedule and I thought I'd tell y'all what looked interesting to me.

I just had a moment of 'oh crap, I haven't read anything by Charles Stross'. I have like 1 day to rectify this.

"The Kaffeeklatsches are in Vineyard." - What the heck is Vineyard? Is that the hotel restaurant?

Looks like they've made efforts to be more accessible. That's good. Maybe that's why the kaffeeklatsches aren't on the 6th floor or whatever floor they were on before.

"Imagine or Die" looks interesting.
Perhaps the voice workshop.
I really want to go to "Ask a Blind Person"
Which is OF COURSE scheduled opposite the Ellen Datlow kaffeeklatsch.
Do I dare attend the Samuel Delany kaffeeklatsch after attending his reading last year?
The one on libraries could be interesting

Eep, my name's on the Broad Universe RFR.

I'd like to go to the John Joseph Adams kaffeeklatsch.
Oh, hey, there's a Clarion 2009 group reading. I'll see if I can go to that. Oh, but it's opposite N. K. Jemisin's kaffeeklatsch! Though I could go to her talk instead.

I'd also like to go to gender and sexuality in science fiction.

So, argh! While there are plenty of things I'm not the least bit interested in, they still managed to schedule cool stuff opposite each other.
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Okay, so I don't really have a Readercon schedule. Because I'm not special enough to be on programming. I might be in the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading, whenever that is. But I said I'd be more than willing to yield my time to someone who has a project/book/whatever they want to promote. Especially as I have no clue what I'd read... The "My Wiscon" I read at the Wiscon RFR would not be as appropriate at Readercon. Plus, a lot of people who will be there already heard me read it.

So, yea, I'll be at Readercon. Current plans are to arrive Thursday night and leave sometime Sunday. You might find me hanging out with other Broads. Or any Clarion classmates who show up. Or just wandering about on my own, bemoaning the fact that it's not Wiscon. ;) If I'm lucky, I'll score a trip to Cheesecake Factory or the Thai place. Aw, who'm I kidding? Thai place is way better than Cheesecake Factory.
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Pre-registration is open for Readercon 2010. My first thought was '50$! Seriously?!' Then I checked, and that's what I paid this year. You'd just hope it'd be cheaper this far in advance. Say.. 35$ maybe?

But then I scrolled further down my friends page and found the Guests of Honor are Nalo Hopkinson and Charles Stross. So, yea, maybe I have to go after all. And have to, like, read some Charles Stross. (see previous post's comments on this subject)
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Last year was my first year at Readercon, even though I've lived insanely close to it for quite a number of years now. I can't even say I hadn't heard of it, because I was aware it was there at some point, but never motivated enough to figure out a way to go. Money and transportation were always issues though.

After Readercon 19, I felt.. dissastisfied, let down. Like it could have been more, but wasn't. I thought it was me. I knew I was comparing it with Wiscon, which is unfair because Wiscon is totally freaking awesome and outstanding compared to every other con I've been to. I thought maybe I was in the wrong headspace for it. Leaving work, heading down in an insanely complicated path involving at least 3 public transportation vehicles and possibly more, and then bam, being at a con. But being in Burlington at a con. Which is where I worked for about 8 months once upon a time.

So I thought my head was just in the wrong space the whole time and I hadn't gotten out of it. I mean, there were good points, certainly. Seeing Clarion classmates and instructors, attending interesting panels, shopping in the dealer's room and actually spending money because I was finally fulltime at work. It was good. It wasn't Wiscon, but it was good.

Now I've attended 2 Readercons. And I again have the same feeling. And I dunno.. yea, it's not Wiscon, but it's not.. any other con I've been to either. It wasn't.. fun?

I can point to specific things that contribute to its being rather sucky. In fact, I shall do so. Hotel -- no free shuttle to airport, no food within walking distance, no free wifi (and it's 3$/day more than last year!), sucky wifi even when you do pay for it, freezing cold rooms, unhelpful staff, unreliable shuttle to mall, problems with key card both years, and space for additional gripe to be named later when I think of it. Only one meal break, yet almost nonexistent programming at night. 55-minute panels, which aren't quite long enough for the Q&A to really get going.

But I don't know that it's any one thing. Changing the hotel would help a great deal, but.. would I be more involved? Because maybe that's it.. I feel more involved at Wiscon. I felt more involved at Shoujocon. Cuz, well, I was. Even my first year at Wiscon, I volunteered the first day I showed up. It was welcomed. It was encouraged. It was disorganized, but I was given something to do and I met a few people.

I know people at Readercon. I even recognized people this year that I saw last year. I didn't spend a whole lot of time talking to people though. And I can say that's me. I'm introverted. Given the choice of staying up 'til 3am and watching the end of Torchwood versus going downstairs and trying to find random people to talk to (because programming ended that day around 9 or 10), yea, I went with hanging out in the room and online. But I'm still me at Wiscon too. So why is it so much easier at Wiscon for me to talk with people and hang with people? The meal breaks?

There were some things at Readercon that I'd love to see at Wiscon. So Wiscon lacks some things that made my Readercon experience good. The kaffeeklatsches and the workshops primarily. The highlight of my Readercon 20 were the writer's block workshop with Barry Longyear, the kaffeeklatsche with Ellen Klages, the improv workshop with Ellen Klages, and even the rather non-sf/f not-really-to-my-taste reading by Samuel Delany will be something I remember for a long time. And the twittering. That was my first experience of twittering surrounded by others doing the same.

So how can I say Readercon is bad? It's not. But I still feel.. dissastisfied and let down. Like I could have had a lot more fun. Like my mind could have been blown a lot more. I've actually felt more engaged reading the discussions about Readercon 21, than I felt engaged at Readercon 20.

It can't be me. So, sorry to say, it's you, Readercon. At the very least, it's your hotel.

I'll have thoughts about the Readercon 21 plans once the promised FAQ goes up on the website. ATM, it does not sound promising.
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Attended the workshop by Barry B. Longyear. Gave me things to think about and it was enjoyable listening to his anecdotes and meanderings.

Attended my first kaffeeklatsch, with Ellen Klages and a handful of other people. I think Wiscon should do those. It's nice to be able to sit, and talk, in a quiet room. I think I bought Firebirds Soaring.. need to find out if I did. And apparently I need to buy Eclipse 3.

It's been interesting tweeting while here. I'm probably not making the most use of it that I could. I find the quotes people are posting from panels and things to be really fun and interesting. Not everyone's using the hash tag #readercon though, so you have to search for Readercon to get some of them. A little weird to find someone's posting tweets from the same panel you're attending.

Spent too much in the dealer's room, even though I've only bought from 2 tables and one of those was 7 25 paperbacks (in two trips). Two Joanna Russ books I was having not-so-good luck finding to ILL and then 3 Samuel Delany books because he was right there to sign them. I'm in an essay-reading phase atm.

The dealer's room, aka 'bookstore', has lots of great stuff in it. There's recent stuff, from the publishers themselves, and there's cheap stuff for the frugal, and there's old stuff that may or may not be something you were looking for. And I feel like if I were a collector or enough of a book geek (apparently I'm not enough of a book geek!), I could spend a lot more time in there digging out finds and things I always wanted and maybe didn't know I wanted.

Stopped by the Broad Universe table yesterday and had a brief chat. May have to go back for some books I saw there. Thinking about it.

There was food at the Meet the Pros(e) Party. For a brief period of time anyway. But it's still so loud and noisy. Yes, loud and noisy. I couldn't really deal with it.

Did one of the two things I wanted to make sure I did, which was attend the Improv workshop run by Ellen Klages. Very good. Very interesting. Very fun. Very funny. I was not brave enough to give it a go. It just seemed like everyone's brains were working just a tad bit faster than mine could do. So between this workshop and the Longyear one, I now have some other versions of the try-fail loop from Clarion. Different ways of looking at story structure. But the same.

Consuite is ho-hum. I always feel bad criticizing a consuite because I know it's a lot of work, but dot dot dot. I did have pb&j on bread and hummus on pita yesterday, though I haven't seen a reappearence of the latter. And there were some muffin and danish quarters this morning, but once 'breakfast' is over, they disappear to be replaced by veggies and crackers. I was hoping for a banana, or a bagel. The hotel doesn't know what a sweet, sweet deal they've got going here. Usually at a con, you can avoid having any hotel food, by going out, by ordering in, by going to the consuite.. but here, between the restaurant, the pub, the coffee bar, and the attempt to sell overprice sandwiches between very defined 'lunch' hours, they'll get you one way or another. And I'm sure the con was hiring them for catering for a few things. Some of all of that is standard hotel contract with a con, but in this particular case I think the hotel has definitely got the long end of the stick. Or the entire stick.

Not even a microwave in the consuite.

Some of the panel topics didn't sound too interesting or too new and different, but they've mostly turned out to be interesting anyway. I'd say mainly to do with the panelists. A lot of them really know how to talk, discuss, entertain, be witty.

Internet is expensive and sucky, but I did manage to finally grab the last two days of Torchwood. Still need to watch them though.

More if and when I think of it. Tonight is the bad prose thing. Wonder how many people will twitter that.
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Happy 07/08/09, everyone!

I'll be at Readercon this weekend, if I can stay awake. Come to think of it, I felt this way before Wiscon too. Pre-con stress makes me sleepy? Hrrrm.

I'm not on any programming, but I plan to attend the Ellen Klages workshop and the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading. So I hope they're not opposite each other!

Final note for this post: Tweet The Meat is publishing another of my tweets this Friday.
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For those who attended Wiscon, but aren't watching the Wiscon lj community, you may be interested in this Wiscon 33 Chronicles Call for Submissions - http://community.livejournal.com/wiscon/229543.html


The programming schedule is up. Well, the panels and events anyway. I still don't know if you need to sign up for the workshops other than the writers' workshop, for which the deadline has passed. - http://www.readercon.org/RC20_prelim_grid.htm

I think this con, my panel selections should mostly be based on who's on the panel. I think I can't go wrong with this strategy, as most of the topics are ones that could be interesting without me thinking 'I definitely need to go to that one'.
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We interrupt your irregularly scheduled Wiscon posts to ask about Readercon. Anyone going? Anyone have an opinion as to whether I should go? It's darned local, so it seems silly not to go. But do I go for one day? Two? The whole thing? Is it too late to get a hotel room? What's the best way to get down there?

So.. help me decide, people. :)
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There wasn't a panel I was interested in at 1 o'clock, so I thought I'd get something to eat. Stopped in the dealer's room and bought more books, then bought an overpriced sandwich wrap from the hotel vendor. 6$ for what was essentially a medium-sized burrito. I wouldn't have minded paying 6 dollars for it, had it been perhaps twice the size. Though three times the size would've been better.

I had approximately 45 minutes left to go online once I got to the room. I planned to watch part 3 of Dr. Horrible while eating my sandwich. Instead I was on the phone with tech support trying to secure an Internet connection for another day. The sandwich tasted good, but not 6$ good. Now the phone call has taken 26 minutes and 37 seconds. Compared to the last one which was 6 minutes. The woman on the first phone call was more competent than this guy.

I really don't have time for Dr. Horrible now. Just to finish this blog post.

The internet connection is also incredibly flaky. Remind me why I'm paying 10$ again? Oh yea, because there's no free wifi place within reasonable walking distance. I plan to complain at checkout. We'll see what comes of it.

A note for next year: Learn how to hack Lodgenet.

In retrospect, I should've gone to the consuite for free food and more entertainment than on-hold music.

[Post-attempting to post update: I clicked Post and it took me back to the stupid Lodgenet Gatekeeper page again. So now I'm talking to tech support again when I should be getting in the elevator to go to the next panel.

The name of the wireless network by the way? StayOnline. I do believe they are mocking me.]

[[Updated Update: I gave up on tech support, or they gave up on the hotel. Fed me some line about the hotel's equipment being messed up. So when I came back to the room at 6, again, no Internet. Another 10 minute call. But here is the post!]
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So the hotel at Readercon doesn't have free wifi. What the frell is up with that?

Since they charge from noon-to-noon, I wasn't going to pay 10$ this morning to have it for three hours, most of which time I'd be finding food or in panels. So I waited until after noon. Naturally, it wasn't a simple process to get connected. I had to call their tech support number and talk to them for 7 minutes while they let me through their little gatekeeper portal manually.

That isn't the only thing I dislike about the hotel. Here's a list.

1. No shuttle from the airport. Even though I didn't travel by air, I could've gone to the airport and gotten here faster on a shuttle.
2. No food within reasonable walking distance. There is a free shuttle that goes around the area, but you have to wait for it. Then call later for a pickup.
3. Our room smells funny.
4. My key card never works the first time. It's been taking on average three tries to get the door open.
5. They don't have their full complement of elevators working. We all know this is quite problematic for a con. Especially when the consuite is on one level and the other con stuff on another.

Here's another list, on why Readercon is cool so far:

1. Freebies! Good stuff on the freebie table.
2. Lots of writers whose names I know. I'm even starting to recognize people now.
3. Interesting panels.
4. All the events seem to be on one floor and in a relatively small area.

Hrm.. can't come up with a fifth to make it all even and level and stuff. Oh well.

There's no lunch or dinner break, so I'm not sure when I'm going to get something more to eat or what it'll be. I have plans to check out the consuite at some point.

More in a later post.
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I'm off to Readercon. I don't have a cool schedule to post, because I'm not on anything.

I decided to take the comp, so I may post a blog update from there. I do intend to write con reports as I did for Wiscon. Though perhaps not quite so many!
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I haven't finished my Wiscon con reports yet, but Readercon is coming up soon and I'm all set to go. I should even get paid for the day off! My first time being employed fulltime in 7 years.

Readercon is the 'con that assigns homework', and here's the books it's recommended everyone read before the con:

Dust by Elizabeth Bear
City of Ashes and City of Bone by Cassandra Clare
Infoquake and Multireal by David Louis Edelman
The Shadow Year by Jeffrey Ford
The Philosopher's Apprentice by James Morrow
Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

The Readercon Book Club: John Crowley's Ægypt Cycle. An in-depth look at the four volumes of John Crowley's Ægypt cycle: The Solitudes (originally published as Ægypt), Love and Sleep, Dæmonomania, and Endless Things.

Like I didn't have enough books lined up to read...

If I can only read one before Readercon, which one would people recommend?


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