Aug. 6th, 2011 01:03 am
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Tried to update earlier.. yesterday, I think, and the posting page wasn't loading with CSS. But, not it is. So.

My bookfast has ended. I even went into the giant used bookstore... the day before Harry's birthday, was it? And did not buy anything. Gasp shock. There was a sale and a coupon on top of that and everything.

I general, I don't know that the bookfast helped much. Maybe it wasn't long enough. Maybe I just need to dump all these library books I still have kicking around.

On the day of breaking my bookfast, I grabbed Beauty Queens by Libba Bray on my way out the library door. (Okay, yes, I swung back around to get it checked out first!) In a way it was an impulse checkout, but in a way it wasn't, because I'd had my eye on it for awhile.

Lord of the Flies. With beauty pageant contestants.

Only more awesome than that.

Maybe it's whatever the reverse of Stockholm Syndrome in that I had just finished The Feminine Mystique, which I did not find very easy to get through. So a nice, funny sf-y YA was just what I needed. And it was new and shiny! Or maybe it really is as awesome as I think. Have not finished it yet. Because very busy...

I started library school also on August 1st. The first class is a 1-credit pass/fail self-paced course just designed to get me used to using the courseware and the school library and things like that. (Oh, it's online. But that's a given, right? No such thing as meat schools anymore, is there?) I'm blazing through it, because it's.. new and shiny. And easy. And because that's the best way to fight procastination. I'm also going on a mini-vacation with the family next weekend-ish, and then a longer break... also with family. (Did I say 'break'? Hrm.) That's around Labor Day, which is about the time my first 'real' class starts.

So if I can get the first course mostly done by next week and finally done before the other class starts, it'll be real good.

Still reading and reviewing and discussing for Triple Take, including our Nebula Project.

Between those things and laundry and not being here next weekend, this weekend is feeling a bit full. Meh.

Oh! And the Clarion Write-a-Thon ends tomorrow, so I want to bang out as many stories as I can in a final push. (Did I mention I'm a procrastinator? Oh, I did? I wonder I didn't save saying that for the end of the post...)

Thanks to all my wonderful sponsors so far! I say so far, because it's still not too late!

Sponsor Me!

So.. yes... off to chill some more tonight before the big push on er.. several things.. tomorrow.

1d5h until I can watch Torchwood. Unless some seeds start to sprout (JA said cryptically.)

Movie Update: Have not watched movies! Have not watched Harry Potter 7.2! Have not watched Cowboys v Aliens! & Aliens? Or Aliens? NOT Aliens? Have not watched Captain America. Have not watched Neil Patrick Harris make out with Brainy Smurf. Last movie I saw was X-Men. ------- Have watched some DVDs, generally on LGBT themes. It was a substitute for not being able to bring books home from the library. Have yet to figure out where the Band is in The Boys in the Band. (You mean the movie isn't about glam rock? Srsly?)

Okay, really going now.
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Nebula Awards Ballot is up!

Congratulations to N. K. Jemisin and Jeff VanderMeer!

And to all you other people too. I just don't really know you. :)

Kage Baker's on the ballot twice, so that's nice. I'm reading my way through her books now.

Full list here.
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One of my projects is to read all of the Hugo novels. But more recently I also plan to read all of the short stories that won the Hugo. The short stories are a little tricky, because there were a few years where it was only a 'short fiction' category, so I'm sure some longer stories made their way in there.

But I went to look for the first novel, "The Mule" by Isaac Asimov, only to find out it's a novella. And then I looked at what won in the novella category for 1946 and it's "Animal Farm", which I (and probably thousands of school children) always considered a novel.

Aren't categories fun?

So "The Mule" may or may not be in this Foundation omnibus the library has. The book's checked out, so I can't check. And honestly, the idea of reading a Foundation story at the moment leaves me cold. Maybe I'll skip to 1951. Oi, Heinlein.

I'd read them in the opposite order, but I tried a Chabon I thought I'd like better than Yiddish Policemen's Union and couldn't finish it.

Hrm, I could read all the women first.. that wouldn't take me long. *pauses to count* Yea, I could do that in a month. Except starting with the most recent means Jonathan Strange, which is a rather daunting-looking book to be honest.

T'heck with it, maybe I'll work on the Nebulas.

So on either end of that we have Dune, ugh, or Yiddish PMU again. But it is a shorter list overall. Maybe I'll start with Babel-17. I need to read some Delany.


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