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But they just announced they're putting more stuff onto the e-readers! A story by Nalo Hopkinson and Steampowered: The Lesbian Steampunk Anthology!

You know you want it!!

Go buy tickets!!

No, wait, don't. You'll lower my odds of winning!
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I feel like an activist lately. I didn't think I was an activist.

Signalboosting this.

Apple's allowed an offensive app into its store called PeekabooTranny. Which violates their own policy, but it doesn't matter, it's okay to objectify transpeople, right? :P

More Info, including Contact Info for Apple

ETA: Reports are that Apple has pulled the app. So they are responsive to complaints.
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Just a reminder to wear purple tomorrow. (I need to do laundry!!)

What is Spirit Day?

You can also spiff up your userpics to make them purple using gadgets there.
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I could perhaps write an entire post about each of these. But since I am highly unlikely to do so, here are the links with some small commentary by me. Things you shouldn't miss!

Margaret Atwood and Ursula LeGuin got together on stage. An audience member wrote a blog post about it. Whether any talking cabbages were harmed during the event was unreported.

Salon Futura. "... a new and hopefully somewhat different magazine devoted to the discussion of science fiction, fantasy and other forms of speculative literature." Created by Cheryl Morgan. I look forward to reading it. And score! It's available as an EPUB!

Ansible from which the above links come is having mail server issues. If you receive your copy in your Email inbox, you'll have to track it down on your own (or click that link I just linked) this month. Or you can be like me and just join the lj feed and have the link show up in your flist every month. http://syndicated.livejournal.com/ansiblezine/ . [livejournal.com profile] ansiblezine

It's your and my last chance to buy and read the LGBTQ issue of Crossed Genres. It's going away at the end of October, never to return. Ebook copies are only a dollar! (Alas, not available in epub.) By all reports, (on the Outer Alliance Google Group), it's a quite good issue.

Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories is an anthology with N. K. Jemisin and Shweta Narayan stories in it. (And other cool people, I'm sure.) See here for the Table of Contents.

As for the Elizabeth Moon thing, I think these are the two best posts on the subject: Carl Brandon Society: Regarding the Elizabeth Moon Controversy and the previously-mentioned Shweta's Dissimilation.

And for those who haven't seen it, Ellen Degeneres's video message about the GLBTQ suicides and bullying.

Well, this post started upbeat and went all downbeat and serious at the end there. Well, a link to fit everyone's mood, I guess.

Alan Turing

Sep. 7th, 2009 05:51 pm
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There's a petition out there you may have heard of to get the British government to apologize to Alan Turing. If you're a UK citizen, you can sign it here.

I watched a British documentary approximately a year ago about Alan Turing. It made quite an impression on me. If you don't know his story, you really should.

Yonmei has a pretty good summary up at the Feminist SF blog. Tied in with Orson Scott Card, who apparently has a video game out that I hadn't heard much about. Though I can't imagine I hadn't heard something about it and I just forgot. Peter David wrote it.

Now.. Ender's Game was my favorite book for the longest time. It.. might even still be. I went through a phase where I was determined to read everything OSC wrote. Except.. the Ender sequels weren't the same. I didn't like them in the same way. And the Alvin Maker books disturbed me, as I had trouble sorting out their morality. Who were the good guys? And the Homecoming Saga interested me at first, but eventually I stopped reading those as well. Yet I read Saints twice. Well, in short, I like some of OSC's books, but until Ender's Shadow, none that I liked nearly as well as Ender's Game. Almost a.. one-hit wonder, who had to double-dip to try to get another hit. At least as far as pleasing me as a reader goes.

OSC was my favorite writer for awhile all the same. I even got to hear him speak, and talk to him as he signed a couple books for me.

And then we've got Peter David. There was a time when I would've listed him as my second favorite. Or possibly even favorite above OSC for awhile. I do still consider him the best writer of Trek books ever, and consistently. His other, original stuff? Not so much. His comic stuff? Not so interested.

So why do OSC and PD have to go and be such dicks? It makes me disinclined to read anything new by them. There's even Ender stuff out there I haven't read!! And New Frontiers Trek books I haven't read!! And it makes it really hard to admit they were once favorite writers of mine.

When asked now who my favorite writer is, I come up with Tanya Huff. And you know what? I like more of her stuff than I ever liked OSC and PD's stuff. Some click with me more than others, of course. But it's all worth giving a shot. And at least I know if she's ever going to turn out to be a dick, it'll be for a completely different reason. :P

(Note: There's tons of other cool and awesome writers and I could make a big old list, but hey, rules say you have to pick one. You know.. those rules.)

So, anyway, go read Orson Scott Card, meet Alan Turing and if you're a British citizen, go sign the petition.


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