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After one episode (really less than one episode) of Atlantis on BBCA, I decided I didn't need to watch more. I deleted the 3 eps I had and the season pass. If someone convinces me that watching white guys run away from animals/creatures 3 times in one episode is something I should be doing, I'll track down the original uncut 6 minutes longer BBC version.

I have not managed to catch Almost Human, because it's opposite something... now have 1 random episode I can't watch.

I managed to miss an episode of Dracula, so I have to track that down before watching the last one.

Meant to watch the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music, because, but forgot. Oh well.

Have not watched any Christmas specials. Will make up for that later.

Finished season 6 of Stargate SG-1. I'm on the downward slope! I've watched more episodes than I have episodes left to watch.

Anticipating - Christmas Doctor Who, Christmas teaser for Sherlock, New Year's Sherlock (you think I'm waiting for PBS? Ha ha ha!)
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Happy 07/08/09, everyone!

I'll be at Readercon this weekend, if I can stay awake. Come to think of it, I felt this way before Wiscon too. Pre-con stress makes me sleepy? Hrrrm.

I'm not on any programming, but I plan to attend the Ellen Klages workshop and the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading. So I hope they're not opposite each other!

Final note for this post: Tweet The Meat is publishing another of my tweets this Friday.


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