Jun. 26th, 2013 08:31 am
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So I heard that the AP took the word of ONE PERSON who wasn't even a reporter. One VERY BIASED PERSON. That the bill passed and it totally wasn't midnight yo. Only it totally was, because we could all see it. I was watching Twitter on my phone and the stream on my laptop and my phone's clock is synced. We all knew it. The national news media didn't.

Then there was a screencap of the website showing that the vote was datestamped 6/26. This mysteriously changed a few moments later to 6/25. But EVERYONE HAD SCREENCAPS. You guys know how the Internet works over there?

I finally went to sleep. This morning it sounds like they did decide that midnight is a real time and a rule is a rule, did they?

They'd better be prosecuting a few people over there. Like whoever was dumb enough to order that website change.

Also, I hope Daily Show is all over this muffin thing.
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So I hopped on Twitter to actually tweet about an America's Got Talent act. My Twitter feed was talking about the filibuster going on down in Texas. I started watching the live feed just as Wendy Davis said her last words. And then some woman got up to say that sonograms weren't relevant to the bill they were discussing. So they debated that. And then they did all sorts of political and procedural gymnastics for the next hour and a half, two hours or so. In the last 10 minutes, another senator, this one having come back from her FATHER'S FUNERAL, said, "At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice in order to be heard over her male colleagues in the room?"

At that point, Twitter went wild. More importantly, the audience watching in the gallery went wild. They were too loud for anything to be accomplished. Midnight happened.

Then the Republicans tried to call a role. AFTER MIDNIGHT.

The apparently someone reported to AP and news outlets which had previously been ignoring this whole thing, picked it up that the filibuster had ended awhile ago and that the bill passed.

So, now that I've stayed up way past my bedtime and nothing is resolved, well, I know who to be mad at. Republicans who ignore the rules when it suits them and who don't care about women. And the major media outlets who'd rather report on the caloric content of blueberry muffins. And then would rather toe the Republican party line than report on the actual facts.

I do think I'll finish watching America's Got Talent though. I have 5 minutes left to watch, then I can delete it.
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It's been about a month, so here's some links!

I Am Not a Puzzle Box - Metaphor. If it doesn't make you think differently, you can use it to make other people think differently.

The Omniscient Breasts by Kate Elliott - About the (straight white able-bodied cisgendered) male gaze.

Adults Read YA - From the 'Duh' files, but they did a study and stuff.

Comic Relief Video with David Tennant - To make up for all that reading I'm making you do above. :)

Janus and Aurora content online - Historical feminist SF fanzines. Online.

Sonic Screwdriver Remote - The BEST Christmas/Hanukkah/Today is Friday present ever!!!

Racism in the Books We Write by Justine Larbalestier - Helps to have read Liar, or to at least not mind being spoiled for Liar

Worldcon and Accessibility - Read the post, but then read all the comments as well. Then go forth and improve your local con.

And now for these I'm too lazy to look up links. That's why Zuckerberg invented Google. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Google was totally invented by a librarian, right?)

Ann VanderMeer is an editor at now!

Call for subs - Crossed Genres is paying pro rates on their magazine. They list upcoming themes on their website, so go look those up.
- Crossed Genres antho for super powers that may not seem so super at first.
Spencer Hill Press antho for extra time

I'll leave it at that. I have a Tivo to program.
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Since this post is about the episode of Desperate Housewives that just aired, I'm going to put it behind a cut tag for spoilers.

The Best Thing That Ever Could've Happened )

In short, this episode really, really bugged me, in a 'microcosm of the whole series' sort of way.


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