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I didn't catch it the first time I watched the Neil Gaiman episode, but I did catch it the second time and said something about it on Facebook. The captions actually didn't catch it. It says '-----class'. At least the ones that aired on BBCA the first time it was shown.

This month's Ansible says:

"Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who episode 'A Nightmare in Silver' (11 May) includes a dialogue homage to Ursula Le Guin, or perhaps Orson Scott Card.... About nine minutes in, a character is heard to say: 'It can't be broken – it's a solid state ansible-class communicator!' [NG]"

Does authorial intent matter here? Is it an homage to OSC if Gaiman thought it was an homage to OSC? Standing all by its lonesome, without getting into Gaiman's head (or perhaps someone else's, if he wasn't responsible for that bit of technobabble), isn't it a shout-out to Le Guin?

OSC doesn't get to claim credit for the ansible. He just doesn't. Well, and the fact is he doesn't. He's on the record somewhere or other as identifying his source.

So people don't get to claim credit on his behalf either.
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It's been about a month, so here's some links!

I Am Not a Puzzle Box - Metaphor. If it doesn't make you think differently, you can use it to make other people think differently.

The Omniscient Breasts by Kate Elliott - About the (straight white able-bodied cisgendered) male gaze.

Adults Read YA - From the 'Duh' files, but they did a study and stuff.

Comic Relief Video with David Tennant - To make up for all that reading I'm making you do above. :)

Janus and Aurora content online - Historical feminist SF fanzines. Online.

Sonic Screwdriver Remote - The BEST Christmas/Hanukkah/Today is Friday present ever!!!

Racism in the Books We Write by Justine Larbalestier - Helps to have read Liar, or to at least not mind being spoiled for Liar

Worldcon and Accessibility - Read the post, but then read all the comments as well. Then go forth and improve your local con.

And now for these I'm too lazy to look up links. That's why Zuckerberg invented Google. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Google was totally invented by a librarian, right?)

Ann VanderMeer is an editor at Tor.com now!

Call for subs - Crossed Genres is paying pro rates on their magazine. They list upcoming themes on their website, so go look those up.
- Crossed Genres antho for super powers that may not seem so super at first.
Spencer Hill Press antho for extra time

I'll leave it at that. I have a Tivo to program.
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I didn't really intend to wait until part 2 aired to watch part 1, but in the end, that's the way it worked out. I also didn't think I was particularly tired when I started watching it shortly after 10pm, but I fell asleep while watching part 1. I eventually woke up, got ready for bed, etc, and finished it. Then started part 2. But then I crashed about a third of the way through it.

Was it boring? Or was I tired? A bit of both, I think.

I don't think I'll say any spoilers. Just a comment in general.

While it would be great if the Doctor was a woman or a Time Lord of color one of these days, I'm thinking it might be better for that time to come when someone's in charge who can do it right. Perhaps not do it great, but do it well, with sparks of brilliance here and there.

Is it enough that it be done competently so that it's at least done? Perhaps.

But it definitely shouldn't be done if it's going to be full of fail.
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I will now perform for you my impression of myself while watching this episode.

If you haven't watched it yet, don't click here. )

*bows* Thank you. I'll be here all week.
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Spoilers for "Midnight" and "Turn Left". So those of you watching your Doctor Who on the Sci Fi Channel can click the cut in three weeks or so, okay?

Spoily spoily spoilers )
Spoilers for Season 4 up until and including "Turn Left" are okay in the comments. Please don't include spoilers for the episodes after that. Or I'll sic Ianto on you.
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The best science fiction show on television right now is not Doctor Who.

For all its ups and downs and one absolute clunker of an episode this season, it's Torchwood.
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Here's the list of 2008 Hugo Nominees. Some good names, of course. The "Best Related Book" category looks like it has some interesting reads in it. I haven't read anything on the entire list, I don't believe.

So, due to my illiteracy, the list that stood out the most to me was "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form"; like all the other rabid fanbeings. "Blink" is an absolutely awesome Dr. Who episode and I wouldn't be surprised if it won. But it's up against another Dr. Who episode and a Torchwood episode. The really awesome thing though is that there's a Star Trek: New Voyages episode nominated. (Which is apparently now called Star Trek: Phase II. Oookay.)

I think I only watched one episode, though I may have watched two. I haven't been to that website in a long time. Catching up will be something to do on a rainy weekend.


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