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I was worried I'd lose everything I typed in the last one if I didn't post it.

Okay, so, more thoughts.

Books - I bought the WisCon Chronicles and the chapbook thing with the two GOH stories in it at Room of One's Own, along with 2 used paperbacks. Then I got 6 ARCs at Galley Ho. Then I bought a book at the Circlet Press party. And that might have been the end of it, but then I put in bids at the Tiptree silent auction and won some paperbacks that Ellen Kushner had donated. (And a Riker yo-yo, because it struck me as ridiculous, and plus Star Trek.) I also got a rainbow flag at Room, which I haven't seen yet if it survived transport in my suitcase. And a Tiptree shirt. I think that's everything. I didn't get anything in the Dealer's Room this year. Partly because I was conscious that I only had so much room in my carryon luggage (since I didn't intend to check a bag).

Panel - I was on a midnight TV panel. I thought that went pretty well. I totally forgot to talk about Once Upon a Time/Wonderland, but we all know they're pretty awesome, right? I could have gone on about Doctor Who or Sleepy Hollow, but there were tons of panels specifically about them.

Missed People - Kater didn't go! (Booo.) Ellen Klages hurt her back and wasn't there. That was a real downer for a lot of people. Mary Robinette Kowal also wasn't there, and I was looking forward to running into her, since she'll be at the workshop I'm going to in a couple weeks.

Twitter/WiFi - The hotel wifi was suckier than it's ever been before. I would type up a tweet only to be told I was no longer connected to the wifi. It did improve after most people had left, but that's not much help, is it?!

Panels - Panels are awesome.

People - People are even more awesome. I met people I knew. I met people I sort of knew. And I met people that I should have known, if I'd had a better memory. And I met new people. Yay new people! I didn't meet any Clarion 2012 or 2013 people, but I heard y'all were adorable.

Um.. oh, I read the latest WisCon Chronicles on the plane. (Not all of it, but several bits of it) And it's always worthwhile to buy and read some or all of those. You learn about aspects of the con that you didn't experience yourself. Because you are not capable of being everywhere, and because you are not everyone. How you experience the con is always going to be different from how every other person experiences the con. And it can be eye-opening.

So definitely check those out. They're all still on sale from Aqueduct Press, and probably on Amazon.
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I mean it when I say random. In the past I've been super-organized, with daily posts, and panel writeups and everything. But nope, you're not getting that this time.

SFRA - I went over to Inn on the Park to see the Tiptree panel. Glad I went over for that. That's the only thing I went over there for. It's a short 5-10 minute walk. The room was AWESOME. It has a 180-ish view of the capitol and the water and whatnot. And it's just quite a shock to find a panel in that room. The layout was odd though. The audience chairs were not centered with the panel table.

Flights/times/whatnot - I definitely think arriving in time to catch the readings at A Room of One's Own is sort of the latest time I want to arrive. Next year I might want to arrive Wednesday. Definitely leaving on Tuesday was a great thing this year. I got to extend the con with random conversations throughout Monday and even at Tuesday breakfast. The afternoon flight out also wasn't full. Though we did get a 1-hour delay because "all flights into Boston are delayed". And the plane wasn't going to be full, but they stuck some airline crewmembers on it and filled it up.

Delta - They charge 25$ for a checked bag, but then when you get to the gate they're begging and threatening you to check your bag (for free this time) because there's no room on the plane for all of them. Such a ridiculous policy. You're just causing more work for your employees at the last minute. And now how do the people feel who paid 25$ to check their bag ahead of time?

Food - Madison is awesome for restaurants and WisCon is awesome for going out to meals with people. And yet I didn't really do that this year (or last year), because the Governor's Club Lounge food is "free" and more convenient, and the consuite as well. I did get to Noodles & Co, because I had that in mind my whole trip there. 'Shuttle to hotel, check into hotel, go get noodles'. We're getting our own Noodles & Co this summer though, so that will be less a thing next year for me. And Keyan and I and someone she knew went to the Spanish tapas place. It was disappointing this year. Only 4 vegetarian tapas, and one was olives (gross), and one was goat cheese (not as bad as I was expecting), and one was sold out (zucchini). How can you not have some form of mushroom thing?! There wasn't even a vegetarian flatbread.

More food - I didn't do the dessert salon this year, and I never saw chocolate mousse in the governor's club lounge! I didn't get any chocolate mousse! Might have to do dessert salon just to make sure I get some. Also it turns out you have to show up for dessert in the lounge at 9pm. They put everything out, and then only take away. They never replace or add. Unlike the appetizers/hors d'ouevres, which they will replace if something runs out. And they love putting booze and coffee in the desserts. Bleh.

Reading - So I repeated what I did last year and wrote my story at the last minute, at the con. Although not all in one sitting. I think I wrote it in 3 different stolen hours. Which is one more reason I did fewer 'eat out' things. I really should write what I intend to read before the con, so I have more time at the con. It was an idea I had been working on, and I tried to use what I'd learned at the Motivation Conflict Uh.. one other thing RWA workshop I attended about a week before WisCon. I think the story is reasonably good, but needs some work. Then I had some panic at the reading, because I was thinking it over and thinking I had been particularly unfair to my trans char for the sake of the main viewpoint char and her character/story arc. But actually I didn't get to that part in the reading. So I can fix it now without anyone seeing/hearing it first. :) I liked that people laughed at my reading. And two people came up to me after to say they liked it. Yay! And it gave me a sense that what I'd written was not just enjoyable, but actually important. (Which is a later theme addressed in the GOH speeches.)
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On the way to Wiscon, I bought a hummus sandwich at the Cosi in the airport. It has leaves of basil on it, which was odd. I would've preferred spinach. I also bought a bagel at DD. The fate of the hummus sandwich -- I ate most of it on the bus, discarded the rest eventually. The fate of the bagel -- turned hard and got thrown out, but I used the cream cheese on a later Starbucks bagel.

I got off at Memorial Union and walked down State Street with my luggage. So to reward myself, I stopped into Noodles & Co and got a pad thai with tofu and a fizzy peach drink. I thought I'd get back to Noodles & Co later, but I didn't. These got consumed in their entirety once I reached the room.

Had a fancy local root beer in the bar that night. Then went up to the Governor's Club lounge for desserts. A strawberry cupcake that was hard and dry and not very good, and a chocolate coffee trifle that was very good. (The con hotel does better with chocolate than other types of dessert.)

Breakfast was also in the Governor's Club lounge. Scrambled eggs (sometimes these seemed to have cheese, other times not), fruit that's mostly melon and pineapple, and various breakfast pastries. (They also have yogurt, cereal, bagels, english muffins, etc.)

I may forget the order of things after this point.


Mirch Masala(?) It's sort of around back of the hotel. I think I ate there last year, but if so, they've remodeled and might be under new management. Ate here with Kimberly, who reminded me we had the ASL dinner together last year, and with people she'd gathered. Some of them were new to Wiscon.

Decided I like (* is a wildcard):
paneer *
* korma
* pakoor (if that's the chick pea batter)
samosas are okay

They serve a buffet earlier in the day, so that might be a good option for some. Someday I will try Indian drinks, such as lassi.

The Fountain

For the gender variant dinner, we ate here. It's really close to the hotel and is probably new this year. It's a burger and sandwiches place, but it has not only one veggie burger option, but two! I had a portobello mushroom, but I could've had a black bean burger. They were a little slow. Our party was about a half a dozen, so not so terribly large. Fortunately its proximity to the hotel meant I didn't miss the start of the Tiptree Auction. Also had sweet potato fries.

Got a smoothie from the farmer's market. Pineapple. Mmm.
Had a free piece of Ian's mac and cheese pizza at the appdev meeting. So I never got into Ian's on my own and got my card punched for another year. Woe. Also, they moved across the street.
Bought a cheesecake chocolate brownie thingee from the Tiptree bakesale. Yum.
Lucked into a fresh batch of popcorn at the consuite once. Got soda and water there on other occasions.

Never had dessert again in the governor's club lounge. Did have breakfast most every day there. Had hors d'oeuvres once. Tortilla chips and black bean dip, veggies and bleu cheese dip, and veggie dumpling things that I didn't very much. Also a Shirley Temple.

Various chocolates from the reg desk or parties. Really knew better than to stick any in my pocket, but did it anyway. I had to throw my mp3 player's earbuds out (they were old anyway) and clean the player as best I could.

Looked at the pasty shop's veggie options, decided I wasn't interested. Failed to find the food cart at the farmer's market that last year had great Thai wraps.

Dessert salon, I had the chocolate mousse, because that's consistently good. Had the wrong shaped spoon for it. The pecan pie thing had a hard crust that wouldn't cut with my fork, so I just ate the topping off of it. Went back later for a chocolate decadent cake thing that gave me a good shot of sugar and caffeine. Not sure if it had coffee in it or not.

I think that was everything. Never enough opportunities to eat at all the cool places. Plus I felt I should eat in the governor's club lounge when I could, since I was paying a premium for the privilege.
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Books I failed to buy, that I had intended to:

Steam-powered 2 -- Didn't find it in the dealer's room.
Are You My Mother? -- Decided it was too heavy and also that I didn't want to pay full price. Sorry, AROOO!
a & e 4ever -- Intended to buy it from Lethe Press, but they weren't there(!) I saw it at one point somewhere, but then when I realized Lethe Press wasn't there, I couldn't find it again.
Diamond Eyes by aa bell -- I admit I didn't search assiduously for this one.
Courier's New Bicycle -- This is only out in Australia, but since it's on the Tiptree list, I thought AROOO might have it. If they did, it wasn't in the dealer's room. I asked. I never did get over to the actual store.
Legends of Australian Fantasy -- Also only Australia. I didn't ask, since if they didn't have one, they didn't have this. It's older, I think.
Subscription to Cascadia Subduction Zone -- I tried to get a deal, but Aqueduct Press seemed a little thrown by the idea. They had a new checkout system. I'll consider subbing online.

ARCs acquired at Galley Ho! at the Gathering:
Zombie Stories - Kelly Link and a few other people were in it. Otherwise, zombies, meh.
Losers in Space - Had this on my wish list, so score!
I'll Get There, It Better Be Worth the Trip - The 'first' gay YA. I read it recently, but thought it'd be nice to have a copy.
Buffy and the Heroine's Journey
wow, the resolution on this photo is bad...
Vampire ???.. I can't read it. Have to check the actual book later.
?? by Alex Sanchez - An Alex Sanchez I haven't read. (I've only read a couple, so it's not that unusual.)
Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead - This is like book 3 of a series I haven't read, but I like her other stuff.
Seven Princes by ??? Fultz - I walked by this a couple times, then finally got it. I like the title more than anything.

ARC won at Outer Alliance Party, yay!!
Adaptation by Malinda Lo - Yay!!

More books under cut! More more! )
Yay, books!
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Nearly an hour after I left my house, 35.50$ poorer, I am now a 5 minute car ride away from my house. But, hey, free wifi. Anyway, it turns out an airport shuttle is cheaper and while it wouldn't pick me up directly at my house for that price, it would pick me up at the hotel across the street. This bus is more crowded than I'm used to seeing it.

So because I procrastinated and because airlines go under and restructure and whatnot, I couldn't get a reasonably-priced plane ticket straight to Madison. This year I'll be flying into Chicago and taking a bus from there. It's not ideal, but I couldn't justify the ~300$ otherwise. Maybe when I'm rich and famous. Or at least rich. Although if you're famous, it's easy to be rich. Funny how that works.

Have now run out of things to do to take advantage of this free wifi and am contemplating turning the comp off and reading a book on the ereader.

Plan tonight is to get to the hotel by 6ish *fingers crossed*, check in, get some food, and see if Access or any other con department needs some help tonight.

Still don't know what I'm reading at the OA reading, but I printed out two Clarion stories if I fail to write a new story in the next 48 hours or so. Turns out I really gayed it up at Clarion. :)

In other news, I submitted two things to markets yesterday. Should hear back in a few weeks.

While I have your attention, I'll be doing the Clarion write-a-thon again this year. So be ready to support a great writing workshop!
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At The Gathering there was a papercrafts table. Part of what you could do there is make 'Use Your Mic/Show Your Lips' paddles/fans for audience members to use at the panels. You could also decorate fancy wands for people who aren't able to stand to hold up whenever directed to 'please stand', or just to wave about because they were awesome.

I made a paddle, using my awesome pasting skills. It was actually pretty fun sorting through all the various bits of pictures and stickers and stamps. I see why scrapbooking is so popular. I could totally get into collecting some old magazines and bits of ephemera for that sort of thing. Once I have my own place with more room.

At the Found Words table, there were little slips of words cut out from various sources. I used my awesome pasting skills again to make a poem. Or.. something. Maybe it's just a bizarre ransom note.

I have pics up on Facebook if you'd like to friend me to have a look. (I'm the Julie Andrews with the similar userpic.)

Here's the text though:

The Bunnies arrived
Check It Out
a world of Scientific CATS
and how WILL We build all-new Catfish
our future fit our fingers
Escape THE ONE YOU ENDED UP tasting
THERE'S ALWAYS "life hereafter"

It's deep, man. If you don't get it, it's because you're not as deep as me.

I also voted in the Con or Bust ultimate showdown. I never did hear the results of that.
I bought a bunch of ARCs, as previously stated.

I bid on Eclipse 4 in the Tiptree Auction. Ultimately did not win that.

They were already out of lemonade really early, so I didn't get any lemonade or any cookies. I collected maybe 3 stamps on my card. I have yet to complete a Gathering card. (Can you even do it with the long line at the Tarot readings?!)

Nothing jumped out at me at the clothing swap.

The Gathering is where I started to see Tshirts I owned or recognized from Teefury or Woot. Woot! At some point, I lost count of how many I saw.
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I have a tooth that's bothering me and I'm vegetarian. So you may notice a trend of softer foods, and vegetarian ones.

Cinnamon and Sugar soft pretzel in O'Hare while waiting 3 hours for my next flight.

Cheese and fruit at AROOO reception.

Pad thai with tofu from Noodles & Co. In retrospect, a smaller bowl would've been better. But I did eat most of it later that night. Right before bed, which I usually do NOT do. It turns out if you want a fridge at the Concourse (and you're not in the Governor's Club), there are specific rooms with fridges. They won't deliver one. And I'd already changed rooms once at that point.

Spinach, tomato and feta pizza and a nice salad with chick peas and beats from Ian's Pizza. Got another punch on my card! How many Wiscons will it take for me to get a free slice? Also orange Fanta. Not enough places around here have Fanta. (Domino's shows it on their website, but they liiiiiie. It's actually Sunkist. Which has caffeine, so it's actually a difference that matters!)

Veggie dog from consuite (Smartdog). Also popcorn.

I may have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich later that night.

The best wrap EVER! from a food cart at the farmer's market. It was Sweet Thai Chili with basil tofu. I asked for light on the chili and no onions. Excellent, excellent, excellent. I'm sad it was a food cart, because they might not be there next year! And then only on Saturday!

I believe I also ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this day.

What was Sunday lunch? Hrrrm. Oh yes, der. The ASL Lunch I organized was Sunday lunch. We went to Hawk's Bar & Grill and I had the portobella sandwich. I didn't like whatever they'd marinated the mushrooms in. So I won't be having that again. They did have a veggie burger and other vegetarian options though, so I won't write them off entirely.

Sunday dinner was Flavor of India. I believe I had.. aloo chana. Very mild. It has chick peas and potatoes. I probably wouldn't get it again. Mostly because there's so many other Indian options that are vegetarian, I'm sure there are other things I'd enjoy more.

Then malt something something ice cream from Chocolate something. Reportedly the best ice cream place in Madison. And I can't exactly disagree. It was quite good.

Then the dessert salon, previously reported on.

So it was a shame that at that point I'd had several different desserts. There was plenty of cake left when I popped into the Broad Universe party. But I did not need more sugar! Diversicon also had lots of vegetarian food at their party. I didn't have any though.

Monday I didn't eat anything but a few pretzels until I got home, where I ordered Papa Gino's right before they closed. Ravioli if you're interested. :)

And I think that was it. I'm kind of kicking myself for not trying a Cornish pasty or getting over to the crepe place. Goals for next year!

And I can't praise the consuite enough. Fresh made popcorn is awesome by itself, but they have hot dogs! Veggie hot dogs even! With wheat buns! Also the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I made myself were also wheat buns. They also have fruit, veggie, hummus, pita. Some of the other usual things you'd expect in a consuite. Wiscon has the best consuite ever and puts all the others to shame. Which is kind of redundant, since the con is so close to so many awesome restaurants of varying price ranges.

READERCON, I'm looking at you!!! You could learn a thing or two!!!!
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I have decided not to go in chronological order. That requires like, memory and stuff. I'm just going to throw things out there as I think of them! In as many different posts as it takes before I run out of things to say or work the rest of the week crowds the rest of it out of my brain.

Dessert Salon:
I could've sworn I'd bought a dessert salon ticket, but my badge said D:0. And I looked for confirmation, but I couldn't find an Email or a Paypal record of it. So I must've used a credit card, but just.. could not find a record. So no proof.

So I was like.. well, who needs dessert salon anyway? But Kater was going, and she usually doesn't. And I like sitting with the cool people. So I bought one at the last minute. I picked up eclairs and key lime pie because there was no chocolate mousse left. Then as I was entering to go find Kater, this mob is rushing back out like there's a fire or something. It was because they'd announced it was time for seconds. I wish they'd waited a little bit longer. Just a minute or two!

The eclairs were horrible. Salty in the first bite, saltier in the second (when I got some of the middle). Do Wisconsinites not know how to make eclairs? I mean, they're basically Boston Creme Donuts when you get right down to it! Tasted a bit.. cheesy. Which I guess makes sense, actually. But, bleh. You get much better mini-eclairs out of the frozen food section.

Then I hear the chocolate mousse has been restocked, so I ran out to grab one of those. Muuuch better. They do not go wrong with the chocolate mousse.

The key lime pie was very limey. The crust was little bits that got stuck in my throat. The sour and sugar gave me a sore throat on top of that. Jun makes way better key lime pie. I ate roughly half of it.

This all on top of a dish of ice cream from reportedly the best ice cream place in Madison. Malt something or other. (The ice cream, not the shop. The shop was Chocolate something or other.) Very good.

The problem with buying dessert tickets and being in the back of the line is you get seats at a table, but off to the sides and/or in the corner. I could see the stage okay from where we were, but I had no view of the CART. Which I had been interested in checking out.

Reportedly the CART experiment was a great success! Not just for people who have trouble hearing, but for the Japanese contingent and others for whom English is a second (or third or fourth) language.

(For much the same reason I was thrilled to find subtitles on the latest Doctor Who I downloaded.)


I felt mic use was much worse than previous Wiscon. I kept going into panels with.. well, apart from the ones with no mics, of which there were many, panels with panelists who were reluctant to use the mic. I don't know what it is. Unfamiliarity with mics? Shyness certainly doesn't seem to be the problem! Sharing mics is a bit of a pain, but most rooms had at least two. Afraid of the microphone as disease vector for Wiscon Norovirus 2.0?

Things heard (paraphrased): This is a small room, we don't need the mic right? There's not many of you here, we don't need the mic, right? I have a loud voice, I don't need the mic. You need to listen better. It was funny the first time, it won't be if I have to repeat it. Does anyone here need us to use the mic?

I may've been the only one to raise my hand on that last one, but frell-it, the mics are there, you're going to use them!

I have more to say on this, not all of it ranty, but I think I'm going to see if the editor of the next Wiscon Chronicles would like to consider it for inclusion.

Best Use of the Mic Award goes to the #notaboutrace panel whose full name I forget. They not only all used the mic themselves, but had the audience members with the questions come up to the front, use the mic, AND FACE THE AUDIENCE.

Seriously, guys, you need the game show format, silly, hilarious, sparkly pony panel to set the example on mic use? Do you? Really?

Apparently you do!
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To pick up where I left off..

The dog was a military dog and got to ride in the cabin with us! Way up front with the cool people. United is so silly. They call all these sorts of 'plus' and 'premiere' people for pre-boarding. Waste of freaking time. What's the advantage to boarding first anyway? So you get to sit in the plane longer than you sat in the airport. I understand if you have little kids or have mobility issues, because you need the time and space to get settled. But everyone else? You first class people? Fah on you!

It was a 2 hour and something flight, so we got drinks. And no snacks! Not a single peanut or pretzel! And the guy next to meet insisted on invading my space with his elbow. :P

Chicago had no free wifi. Grr.

I wandered around in search of food, until I discovered I wasn't encountering much variety. Overpriced mushroom and veggie sandwiches or overpriced yogurt. Hrrm. I almost gave up and got something at McDonald's. (Except I couldn't figure out what! Salad or.... did they have yogurt? I couldn't tell.) Then I walked a little bit more and lo and behold, an Annie's Pretzel. So I got a cinnamon and sugar pretzel.

There was an earlier flight, but I think it would've cost me 75$ to switch to it, and it was way off on another concourse. So I stuck with what I had. And then wondered if that was the best plan when I saw all the gates around me (I was at the head of a semicircle of gates) posting flight delays of an hour due to 'late aircraft arrival' and 'air traffic control'. That did not bode well! But when our flight eventually showed up on the board, since I had a 3 hour wait, another plane came in and went while I was waiting, it never got the Red Font of Delay. Though it did update our arrival time from 4:42 to 4:50.

There were 21 empty seats listed when I boarded. I thought I'd have an empty seat next to me. But then after like 5 minutes, they piled some more people in. So I shared a seat with a guy in a suit. Did that mean he was an air marshal?

Short flight. We actually arrived a bit earlier than our original scheduled time, so that was good. Then I got to baggage claim and lo and behold, my luggage was sitting all on its lonesome on a stopped belt. (I am really surprised more luggage doesn't just get stolen..) Turns out my luggage got that earlier flight!!

Called for the shuttle, was told one was waiting. Went out. It was empty! Shuttle driver said he was waiting for a flight crew. My flight crew came out! But they got in the other hotel's shuttle ahead of us. I didn't know the flight crew I ended up sharing a shuttle with. It was bizarrre. Because I'm used to having to wait for a shuttle and then cramming in with other Wiscon goers. Not a half-empty shuttle with a flight crew! Flight crews are kind of cool. They all had different accents, so you could tell they were from all over the States.

So I got to the hotel about an hour earlier than I expected and helped a bit with putting Access signs up. Then I had second thoughts about our hotel room being right above the street with construction. With big huge trucks on it! So I went back up and called the front desk and got a room change. This one has a lousy view. Picture the worst view you can, then swap it out for a rooftop. Because that's what the view is. With all the vents and ducts and fans and whatnot. But the construction isn't right below us. We are closer to the ice machine though, which woke me at 8am, but that's getting ahead of things.

I wandered over to the Reception and reading at A Room of One's Own and grabbed some much-needed cheese and fruit. Walked in a bit late to the reading of Joanna Russ's story. Looked a bit at the books on my way out, but did not buy. Yet.

Kater came in around 8ish, so we met up at Noodles & Co. A big bowl is big, and actually more than I wanted/needed. Pad thai with tofu, which is not listed as 'v', probably has fish sauce. When it comes to pad thai, well, it's worth some dead fish on my karma. (Or I could choose to think it's 'v' because of the eggs.)

Asked at the front desk if we could get a fridge, but was told all the fridges are in specific rooms. And I didn't think we needed to change rooms again. They don't need to think I'm fussy!

Got registered. Headed for the bar. Hung out with cool kids. Mostly other Clarion people (from other years/Clarions). Downloaded the Twitter app to my phone, so I could keep up with what's going on.

Came back after midnight. Ate more of my pad thai before it was completely inedible. Hope I don't get food poisoning, but you can't let all that pad thai go to waste! Even if it's not the best most awesome authentic pad thai ever.

And slept. Was woken up by a loud truck around 6 and was worried it was construction noise, but maybe it was just a garbage truck. Woken up again at 8 by the ice machine. But all in all, I got sufficient sleep.

Meeting Kater for food in a few, then going to the Gathering, then the Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading. So I need to rehearse my reading now.

More to come!
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Off to Wiscon! Well, sort of. I haven't left the state yet. Got to the gate with an hour and a half to spare. The shuttle picked me up 15 minutes early, and I was the only pickup. Paid 25$ to check my bag. Security wasn't so keen on my state ID without an expiration date. So I had to pull out my older other state ID.. with no expiration date. Also pulled out my city ID. Has to count for something, right? Guy called over a supervisor and then one other guy showed up too. Really should get myself a new state ID and/or a passport.

Took 4 bins for all my stuff.

Shopped around for the best price on water and decided it was Hudson News at $2.09. Bought some overpriced pretzels too, just in case we crash on a desert island in the middle of the US. I can then trade them with the locals for a tofu burger.

Hanging out at the gate. At least another 45 minutes before we board. They don't even have our flight listed on the board at the gate yet. Bunch of old people on this flight so far. And annoying coughing lady. And a muzzled dog who's mostly sleeping. Probably sedated already.

I'm flying to Chicago, where I get to sit in another airport for a couple of hours. Then I land in Madison at 4:40 local time. I should have just enough time to check in and go to the reception at A Room of One's Own. I'm also going to hunt up the rest of the Access team. And probably grab food at Noodles & Co, or somewhere else with people if I find people who want to eat when I do.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight! *fingers crossed*
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Livejournal is looking weird, which makes me suspicious of this totally unsecured hotel wireless network. Anyway... long trip report behind the cut.

Long trip report )
Found some Wiscon attendees at the baggage claim and piled onto the shuttle. We'd probably all been on the same plane without knowing it.

Checked in, went to find food. I walked quite a lot, as I was hoping the good food was just around the bend or hidden in the middle of the next promising-looking block. Turns out it was true. Awesome sub shop. Silver Mine Subs. For all I know, it's a chain out here. It seemed like a much longer walk back. Didn't get lost. Because I'm awesome like that.

I went to help with packet stuffing, but they were pretty much done by the time I got there. So I came back to the room to see if anything was up on lj. I'll go back down once registration opens. I'm rather tired and could just sleep and watch tv or whatever, but I feel like I should do something Wiscon-related now that I'm here. And not be a hermit.

Stay tuned...


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