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I warned you. Here it is. :)

Please support me in the Clarion Write-a-Thon. We start writing on June 24th and continue until August 4th, the 6 weeks that Clarion is running this year in San Diego. My goal is to write at least 500 words every day and to finish 1 short story a week, for a total of 6. So you can sponsor me per story, or just give a flat donation, whichever you choose.

What's Clarion

Clarion is a science fiction and fantasy writing workshop held every summer for 6 weeks. ~17-19 students come together with a different professional author instructing them every week. They write, they read each others' work, and they critique it. In the awesome weather of San Diego.

Since it requires people to have 6 weeks free, it often means people are in the midst of a transition. They may have just finished school, they may be out of work, they may be changing homes/careers/spouses, about to embark on parenthood, just retired, or something else entirely. In a lot of cases having 6 weeks off also means money is tight. I received a scholarship and I very much appreciated it. This is my opportunity to pay it forward and our opportunity to together help someone else attend Clarion who wouldn't be able to otherwise.

I know it's cliche to say 'every little bit helps', but in this case what I mean by it is that the more people I have supporting me, the more guilty I'll feel if I don't write!

Another link to my writer page if you missed it the first time.

Thank you!
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I'll be doing the Clarion Write-a-Thon again this year. I haven't had much of a chance to really sit down with it, trick out my author page, hit people up for money, etc. What with Wiscon and work and then getting sick. But! I will. I will totally hit you guys up for support (monetary and non-monetary). So watch this space.

If you're a writer and are looking for motivation to write and want to help out Clarion, you can. You don't have to have gone to Clarion to join the Write-a-Thon.

Look! Here's a link and all!


Aug. 6th, 2011 01:03 am
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Tried to update earlier.. yesterday, I think, and the posting page wasn't loading with CSS. But, not it is. So.

My bookfast has ended. I even went into the giant used bookstore... the day before Harry's birthday, was it? And did not buy anything. Gasp shock. There was a sale and a coupon on top of that and everything.

I general, I don't know that the bookfast helped much. Maybe it wasn't long enough. Maybe I just need to dump all these library books I still have kicking around.

On the day of breaking my bookfast, I grabbed Beauty Queens by Libba Bray on my way out the library door. (Okay, yes, I swung back around to get it checked out first!) In a way it was an impulse checkout, but in a way it wasn't, because I'd had my eye on it for awhile.

Lord of the Flies. With beauty pageant contestants.

Only more awesome than that.

Maybe it's whatever the reverse of Stockholm Syndrome in that I had just finished The Feminine Mystique, which I did not find very easy to get through. So a nice, funny sf-y YA was just what I needed. And it was new and shiny! Or maybe it really is as awesome as I think. Have not finished it yet. Because very busy...

I started library school also on August 1st. The first class is a 1-credit pass/fail self-paced course just designed to get me used to using the courseware and the school library and things like that. (Oh, it's online. But that's a given, right? No such thing as meat schools anymore, is there?) I'm blazing through it, because it's.. new and shiny. And easy. And because that's the best way to fight procastination. I'm also going on a mini-vacation with the family next weekend-ish, and then a longer break... also with family. (Did I say 'break'? Hrm.) That's around Labor Day, which is about the time my first 'real' class starts.

So if I can get the first course mostly done by next week and finally done before the other class starts, it'll be real good.

Still reading and reviewing and discussing for Triple Take, including our Nebula Project.

Between those things and laundry and not being here next weekend, this weekend is feeling a bit full. Meh.

Oh! And the Clarion Write-a-Thon ends tomorrow, so I want to bang out as many stories as I can in a final push. (Did I mention I'm a procrastinator? Oh, I did? I wonder I didn't save saying that for the end of the post...)

Thanks to all my wonderful sponsors so far! I say so far, because it's still not too late!

Sponsor Me!

So.. yes... off to chill some more tonight before the big push on er.. several things.. tomorrow.

1d5h until I can watch Torchwood. Unless some seeds start to sprout (JA said cryptically.)

Movie Update: Have not watched movies! Have not watched Harry Potter 7.2! Have not watched Cowboys v Aliens! & Aliens? Or Aliens? NOT Aliens? Have not watched Captain America. Have not watched Neil Patrick Harris make out with Brainy Smurf. Last movie I saw was X-Men. ------- Have watched some DVDs, generally on LGBT themes. It was a substitute for not being able to bring books home from the library. Have yet to figure out where the Band is in The Boys in the Band. (You mean the movie isn't about glam rock? Srsly?)

Okay, really going now.
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And screw you, hackers.

So, yea, um.. sponsor me in the Clarion Write-A-Thon. One week left!
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I didn't write/finish a story in week 2. Clearly I need more sponsors to spur me on!

We're more than halfway through week 3, which does show more promise.
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Thank you to my two sponsors. Yes, that's right, only 2 sponsors!! *sad face* But thank you to the two of you nonetheless!

The Write-a-Thon is working for me so far. I finished a story Wednesday night and sent it off. For those interested in sponsoring me by word, it clocked in at 2487. Fairly lengthy for me. I was rather surprised. Of course then I had to CUT IT. The market it was written for wants under 2000 words, and preferably closer to 1500. I did what I could.

I hope it made the story better, because I'd hate to think it didn't! Did cut some stuff I rather liked. And it resulted in having to come up with a different title.

This market responds fairly quickly, so I hope to be able to let you know how it did before the Write-a-Thon is over (if not well before).

I had my eye on two anthologies, one with a deadline of yesterday and one with a deadline of today. I won't make those.

I'll probably write stories to those themes anyway, but I'll be looking at Duotrope's list of themes and deadlines and trying to find one for mid-late July.

So, that's the update.

You can sponsor me here!
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As another class of Clarion workshop students arrives at UC-San Diego, over a hundred writers from around the world will be joining them virtually in the Clarion Write-a-Thon.

I'll be one of them.

Please sponsor me and your money will go towards keeping Clarion affordable and towards scholarships for those to whom 'affordable', still isn't quite.

What's in it for me:
You'll be encouraging me to write more. My plan is to finish one short story a week for the six weeks. That's six more stories that I can sell that I couldn't sell before, because they didn't exist!

What's in it for you:
Fabulous prizes

Awesome new stories by me! And by Clarion students who wouldn't be able to be Clarion students otherwise.

If you're an American, it can be a tax writeoff.

And a special offer to my donors only!

For my top two sponsors and for one sponsor chosen at random, I will review one short story or novel chosen by you. Maybe you want me to review your novel. Maybe you want me to review your friend's novel. Maybe there's this awesome story you just really think I should read. Your choice!

How to Sponsor:

Go to my writer page. Click 'Make a Pledge' if you'd like to pledge me by word or by story or by any other criterium. Or you can make a straight donation right now with the 'Donate Now' button. Either way is A-OK with me.

Did I mention the fabulous prizes?

Help me reach $150 and I get some Clarion Write-a-Thon swag. And I really really want a Tshirt!!

Thanks, guys.

Let the writing begin!
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Clarion classmate Kater Cheek released her first novel in ebook form.

You can go find it up at Smashwords. For right now, it's free!

As I was downloading it, I realized.. 'wait, eep, in just a couple clicks, I broke my bookfast'. It's so freaking easy to get books these days! You can do it without even thinking about it and a second later, it's done!

Not on my ereader just yet, but it is on my computer.

But this book totally doesn't count as breaking my fast, okay?

Because Kater is awesome and I'm not going to wait until August 1st to start reading it. That's why.

Oh! The title is Seeing Things and it's urban fantasy. I hear some of you like that sort of thing.

More details after I've read it. :)

If you'd like to check out some of her short fiction first, she also has several of those up. You can find those here.
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I'll be doing the Clarion Write-a-Thon again this year. I haven't yet thought about goals and milestones or incentives for you guys to donate, so if you have any suggestions, toss them out!

Er, I mean, toss them in?

Leave a comment. :)

It starts at the end of June. Y'all can help me win an iPad! (Don't know yet if it's a 1 or a 2.)

But realistically, I have my sights set on some Clarion swag.
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There's a great post over here if you applied to Clarion and just found out you didn't get in. It's worth a read.

I will also suggest you do a couple positive things. You can start doing some of them right now. Or add them to your action plan.

* Join Critters, or another online critique group, or an in-person critique group. If you're not already in one. Or if your current one isn't working out. That's one of the reasons you applied to Clarion, right?

* Plan a trip to a convention. If you've never gone to one, or it's been awhile, or if you've only gone to Creation Conventions, then.. you need to go! Part of Clarion is about meeting fellow sf/f writers. If you go to cons, you'll do the same thing! I highly recommend Wiscon, as you may have noticed. Also recommended through the grapevine: Philcon, Readercon, World Fantasy Con, FOGCon. And whatever cons are local to you. They're cheaper, and you'll get to know people you can meet up with more often.

* Join Broad Universe (more useful if you're a woman) and/or Outer Alliance (for lgbtqia and allies). Another of those connections things. You'll hear about publication opportunities and conventions, and be able to discuss things sf/f and writerly. Or find another group that suits you.

And plan to apply next year. You and your writing will be in a different place next year. And the group of instructors will be entirely different.
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Con or Bust auctions running for one more week.

Clarion and Clarion West deadlines are both March 1st. It's crunchtime, people! Take Monday off of work and get your applications in!
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It's okay if you're a procrastinator, really, but do keep in mind that February is a short month.

The deadline for Clarion applications for 2011 is March 1st. Does that include March 1st? I don't know. That's one problem with us procrastinators. We need specific deadlines! :)

Clarion page go look go apply and read all about it and did I mention apply and like yea

If you don't apply then you won't have the following instructors: Nina Kiriki Hoffman, John Scalzi (of teh interweb fame and like.. SFWA president), Elizabeth Bear, David Anthony Durham, John Kessel, and Kij Johnson.

If you don't apply then you can't spend six weeks writing (wait, before you say you can, you didn't let me finish!) right next to the ocean and a library with dining hall food and singing trees and COMICCON and 17-19 fellow writers and stuff!

If you don't apply then you won't experience the awesome Clarion awesomeness.

Clarion taught me to be articulate.

Two common things I hear:

* I'd love to do Clarion sometime but I don't have the money.
* I always wanted to do Clarion but I can't take 6 weeks off work/away from family.

So I'd just like to point out that Clarion has scholarships. That big scary figure probably won't stay as big and as scary. And friends and family and internet acquaintances may very well help you out if you ask and explain how important it is to you.

As for the six weeks, obviously you're the only one who can judge your living and working situation, but I do encourage you to think about it. Would your family understand if you took 6 weeks to go on Biggest Loser or Survivor or The Amazing Race? Then convince them this is just as important and just as awesome. And can you at least ask your boss if there's a possibility you can take 6 weeks? Feel them out about the idea? After all, many employers are used to people taking time off for m/paternity leave or FMLA. (US bias here.) So there should be policies and methods in place to do without you for those weeks yet welcome you back. Just don't think it could never happen unless you're really sure about it.

That said, Clarion attendees do tend to be at a transition phase in their life. So if you're thinking of maybe changing careers sometime, maybe try to plan it to land in summer 2011 or 2012. If you're planning on getting married, put it off until fall. You get the idea.

And in any case, applying doesn't commit you to anything but 1) The application fee and 2) The risk of rejection. So go for it and worry about the details later!
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But they just announced they're putting more stuff onto the e-readers! A story by Nalo Hopkinson and Steampowered: The Lesbian Steampunk Anthology!

You know you want it!!

Go buy tickets!!

No, wait, don't. You'll lower my odds of winning!
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Last chance to buy tickets to win an e-reader crammed full of good stuff!

Last chance to support.. well, no, it's not your last chance to support the Octavia Butler scholarship. But still, why don't you do it now while I'm making you think about it?

All you procrastinators out there, time to stop procrastinating!

Go here for details!
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Only a few days left to enter! But of course you can donate at any time.

Win an eReader! And a whole lotta books on it!

The money is going to the Octavia Butler scholarships which help writers of color to attend the Clarion workshops.

Since Clarion is a 6-week commitment, most people with a desire to go and the ability to spend 6 weeks there do not also have an overabundance of the green stuff. I've found that a lot of people who attend Clarion are in a state of transition. Just finished school, about to start school, just lost a job, in the middle of changing careers, about to move across country (or to another country), about to get married, about to get divorced, about to have a baby. Though these transitions are good for letting you take 6 weeks for yourself and your writing career, any and all of these life changes incur their own expenses.

Too many people who would love to go to Clarion don't think they can because of the time and the money issue. So they don't even apply. This scholarship and the other Clarion scholarships let people know that.. hey, there's a chance it won't be as expensive as I think. Maybe I can do this.

And you never know if that one person might turn out to be an author you love to read 5 years down the line. And maybe they wouldn't have gotten there so soon without Clarion, or maybe they wouldn't have gotten there at all. (Not for lack of talent, but for want of opportunity and lack of support.)

And the awesome thing is? The scholarship won't just help one person. It'll probably help 2 this year, and many more down the road. Think of all those books you can help get written!
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Carl Brandon Society Raffle

From today to November 22nd, 1$ will get you a ticket in the drawing for one of 2 Nooks, 2 Kobos, and 1 Alex Reader.

The money raised goes to the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship which helps send two writers of color to the Clarion workshops. (Clarion and Clarion West)

So, good cause, and chance to win an e-reader.

BTW, Nooks and Kobos work with Overdrive, so if your library subscribes to Overdrive ebooks, you can totally read books for free! (With your library card, of course.) I don't know if the Alex Reader does, but if I had to bet, I'd bet yes.

I personally applaud them for not including a Kindle. For whatever reason they didn't. Boo Kindle!

Anyway, yea, go try to win one!

ETA: Doh! I totally forgot to mention that the e-reader, should you win one, comes preloaded with stories by lots of awesome people! Including [livejournal.com profile] nojojojo and [livejournal.com profile] shweta_narayan!
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Look at this lineup for Clarion 2011!!

Week One: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Week Two: John Scalzi
Week Three: Elizabeth Bear
Week Four: David Anthony Durham
Week Five and Six: John Kessel and Kij Johnson

If even 10% of Scalzi's blog readers apply, they are going to be FLOODED with apps. So get yours in early before they're burnt out on reading!! :)

Those are all names I know, but I'm not familiar enough with their work to comment except for Kij Johnson. I thought The Fox Woman was brilliant.

I discovered this on the Clarion Blog. Good reading, by the way. Science, writing prompts, things to think about. Stuff!
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I wrote over 23,000 words during the write-a-thon. Which would work out nicely to 4 short stories, had I actually been writing in that fashion. But what I was doing was writing 500+ words a day on whatever I felt like writing. A lot of it did end up being about the same characters and the same story (two different sets), but isn't quite as distinct as completed scenes or things like that. I hope to be able to work them into something saleable.

The main thing is that I wrote every day, and it's a habit I mean to continue.

So, thank you, Mishell, for setting that challenge!

I believe I've received the last spate of donation updates that I'm going to get, so I'm ready to announce my final total (barring lost Email or bad addition) as...



That will pay for one person to attend Clarion for one day. Who knows? That one day could be the day they write the next Nebula Award winner. That one day could be the day they learn some useful writing advice. That one day could be the day they say something brilliant in a critique session and give more than one person a moment of insight or breakthrough.

You've all made one day for one writer possible. Thank you!

My donation page is still up and functional, so if you'd like to make an extra-super-last-minute donation, please do!

Donate here!

There are also other opportunities to support Clarion that occur year-round. Make a donation, add a donate button on your eBay auctions, buy books online from Mysterious Galaxy, add a badge.

More Ways to Contribute

And congratulations on surviving your 6 weeks, Clarion class of 2010!!
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This is your last chance to sponsor me (or any of the other fabulous writers) for the Clarion Write-a-Thon. It turns out that writing at least 500 words a day takes a bit of mental energy. I haven't actually gotten around to writing update posts to tell you all how I'm doing. And to encourage you to donate a buck or two (or five or ten) to Clarion.

So this is my last chance to do so and your last chance to be able to see the Clarion class of 2011 and say 'They were able to attend because of me.' Five or so years down the road, when several of them have books on the shelves, don't you want to be able to say 'Hey, I know him/her! She/he went to Clarion the year after that write-a-thon.'?

Don't you want to see _my_ book on the shelf and know you encouraged me to write for a change? Write, write, write.

So, for my update, yes, I have been doing at least 500 words a day since July 1st. I missed one day (clocked in around 400 words and then got distracted). Last night, I forgot! But then when I woke up inexplicably around 4:45, I wrote 600+ words before crashing again. (Ended up oversleeping and being late to work, but, hey, all in the pursuit of great fiction, right?)

If you donate say, 1000$ or so, I might be able to win the Ipad. Right now the Ferret is in the lead, with Gregory Frost in second. I don't know their exact totals, but it's somewhere in that vicinity.

It's a tax writeoff! You want to put 1000$ down as a tax deduction this year, don't you? Right?

Here's my Donate Page

And thank you to everyone who has pledged or donated money thus far. I doubt I would've had the motivation to continue if you hadn't. Thank you.
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Mishell Baker issued a challenge to write at least 500 words a day for as many days as possible in July. So far I haven't missed a day, although on July 4th, I fell short. Back-to-back classes on the Harry Potter game left me braindead and then I crashed. So I never went back and wrote just 12 more words. (I hadn't had time to count, either, so I didn't know just how close I was.)

So far they've been all beginnings. I'd start something new for my 500 words. That's easier for me, and none of them has grabbed me enough to keep going. So far, I think doing 500+ words every day is a good discipline. So I'm not going to worry about not continuing and not completing things until it becomes more of a problematic trend.

This Write-a-Thon thing is working for me so far! I don't know if I would have been as motivated without the forums though. So if you're a participating writer or a sponsor, do be sure to sign up for the forums and check in there. As a sponsor, you can issue challenges to everyone. Always wanted to see a flash piece about werehedgehogs? Just offer 10$ to the first person who writes you one and your wish may come true!

In pledges, we're halfway to that $300 that'll get me to put a short story online for free for you to read. Now.. if you also want to help me win an iPad, then I'm about 600$ short of being in the lead for that. Just saying. ;)

Top Three Reasons to Sponsor Me:

1 -- You'll get to read my awesome stories! Because, for once, I'll actually write them.

2 -- You'll be supporting Clarion and the future classes of science fiction and fantasy writers. Without Clarion, those people may still become writers, but perhaps not as quickly or not as awesomely. And the sooner they become awesome writers, the more time they'll have to write cool stuff. And that's a win-win for everybody.

3 -- You can join the Write-a-Thon forums, which are pretty cool already, I must say.

Small pledges are welcome, by the way! Even a few dollars adds up when it's a lot of people doing it.

If you want to help me out for free, then please signal boost. Let everyone know about the Write-a-Thon and why they should support it.


My Sponsor Me! Page
All Participating Writers Page -- If you want to donate to more than one person, go to this page and click the red button.


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