May. 9th, 2013

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I won't be arriving in time to go to Scalzi's reading. I'm not sure yet if I'll get there for the WisCon readings at A Room of One's Own. Once again I failed to send in a story to get critiqued. One of these years I will be in the writing workshop!

Saturday 1pm
It's Not For Girls II: Attack of the "Fake Geek Girl"
Over the past year, a lot of noise has been made about the terrible scourge of "fake geek girls" roaming through cons, game stores, comic stores, and the like, waiting for hapless male geeks to devour…except no, what? Exactly what "cred" do you need to be taken seriously as a geek and/or fan? Do "fake geek girls" actually exist? Should it matter? Who are the gatekeepers of geek culture? There have also been some excellent internet take-downs of this idea, from blogs to comics, Twitter feeds to Facebook. Let's discuss both the idea of "fake geek girls" and the conversation that has been developing on the topic.

I'm moderating this one. I'm glad they moved us out of the 6th floor room they had us in. I think it might be a popular panel! I could be wrong though.

Saturday 10:30pm
Gay & Lesbian Characters in Anime & Manga
Is the Boys' Love genre an appropriation of gay male sexuality, or an expression of female sexuality? Are there realistic series about gay men outside of BL that were written by/for men? What about realistic lesbian characters? Let's talk about the representation of LGB characters in anime & manga—what we've seen, and what we'd like to see.

Yea.. I should really do some research for that. Any suggestions? I'm hoping the Tiptree auction ends before this, because I like staying at the auction until the end.

Sunday 1pm
Outer Alliance reading
Outer Alliance is an organization for writers and readers of science fiction, fantasy and horror that advocates positive portrayals of LGBTQ characters. We will be reading from a wide range of fiction that fits this description.

Two at 1pm. Guess I can't have any extraordinarily long lunches. Also.. need to write a story for this. Can't read the same one from last year!

I have to leave the con on Monday sooner than I probably actually want to. But what with buses to Chicago and the timechange and not wanting to get home /incredibly/ late at night.. not much I could do. I don't mind missing SignOut and all, but there's an anthology panel I wanted to go to!


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