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Oct. 3rd, 2013 12:33 pm
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Sleepy Hollow - I still need to watch the latest one (online). I was rewatching the first one and there's a reference to pie soup that I think is only explained in episode 2, so that's cool. I also liked the chopping off of the sign and the later shot of it the first time I watched that ep. I mean to rewatch the first 2 eps, cuz I feel I wasn't paying attention enough.

SHIELD - I rewatched the first ep. Which moved it from boring to.. this is not very good. I watched the second ep. There's something wrong about it. The characters are trying to be interesting, I think?, and failing. It doesn't help that there's so many demographically alike. An accent does not make you diverse! One of them had better at least be gay. The Whedon or Whedonesque dialog is falling flat. It's not coming off right. You can easily spot it, but it's not.. right.

Crazy Ones - Eh. Too much Robin Williams is a bad thing. And 'too much' occurs very quickly. I have trouble even watching a 5-minute interview with him. And I'm not sure of the plot on that first ep either.

Michael J Fox Show - This was funny. I had trouble catching both of the first 2 eps that aired and re-aired, but I managed in the end.

We Are Men - I like 3 of the actors in other things, but just.. clearly I am not the target market for this show. And why'd they make one of the white guys the lead? And the one we don't even know!

Mom - Still good. Not fantastic, wow, but good.

Survivor - I managed to miss it because of stupid Arrow. And I say stupid Arrow because it was a stupid recap show! I'll have to watch on again, and that is painful. I need to go in and prioritize it over Arrow, which is mostly a boring show.

Amazing Race - Eh. Also, read the freaking clues.
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