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Anyone feel like providing a quick list of the female SF writers I should be ashamed of not having read?

Comment here and leave the names of women in genre. By the end of April, I’ll gather all names suggested and create one giant list so that we see just how many women there are.

Q: Who are your favorite women authors in genre? What are your favorite books written by them?

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Why do we have to make frelling lists?! Mary Shelley is the PARENT OF SCIENCE FICTION! Lois McMaster Bujold could very well tie Heinlein this year for most Hugos for Best Novel. Seanan McGuire had five (5) Hugo nominations last year and five (5) again this year. Ursula K. Le Guin has won the most Nebulas for Best Novel. Connie Willis has eleven (11) Hugo wins and eight (8) Nebula wins. Octavia Butler was the first science fiction/fantasy author to receive a MacArthur Genius Grant. James Tiptree Jr. has an Award named after her. J. K. Rowling was the first person to become a billionaire (in US dollars) for writing books. Stephenie Meyer was in Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in 2008", which, let me tell you, is not a list chock full of sf/f writers. Clarion and Clarion West's yearly lineup of instructors is usually half women.

Listen, I know I just... MADE A LIST. But I shouldn't have to. You should know this. You should be able to name not just five women, not just ten women, you should be able to name fifty women! A hundred! You should be naming women for so long that you lose track of if you've named someone before!

What do you mean you don't read sf/f books by women authors? Why are you willfully ignoring at LEAST half of the sf/f books? Just writing them completely off as uninteresting? Look, I'm not a fan of steampunk, but I have read steampunk. I'm most definitely not a fan of horror, but I have read horror. Do you consider yourself well-read? Do you consider yourself well-rounded? Do you consider yourself to be a FAN OF THE GENRE? Then how can you not know the names of these writers?! How can you not have read them?!

And don't you even dare say 'oh, well, them, I've read them'. Yea, no, these might be outstanding names I've listed, but I have left off DOZENS more who have had a HUGE influence on sf/f and on the freaking world.

So don't you even say you need us to make a list. Make your own damn list.


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